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The Wand STA Anesthesia System by Aseptico

More comfortable injections enhance dental care.

Ensuring patient comfort is integral to the successful provision of dental care. Administering local anesthesia can mean the difference between a positive experience in the dental chair and a squirming patient who is unlikely to return. The Wand STA System by Aseptico enables clinicians to deliver virtually pain-free injections—easing patient fears, enhancing patient comfort, and ensuring the provision of complete pain control throughout the dental appointment.

Wave of the Wand

The Wand STA System is a computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery system that enables clinicians to administer dental injections below the patient’s pain threshold. Indicated for all injection types, the Wand STA System is programmed with three flow rates—control, rapid, and turbo—enabling clinicians to control the precise rate of flow at the needle tip. The patented single tooth anesthesia (STA) technique delivers anesthetic at a rate of one drop every 2 seconds to a single tooth, and the built-in pressure-sensing software measures back pressure at the needle tip for precise accuracy within the periodontal ligament space.

The STA injection virtually eliminates the need for lower block injections. Within 2 minutes of delivery, clinicians benefit from the immediate onset of pulpal anesthesia with a duration of up to 55 minutes. Patients receive a more comfortable injection without collateral numbness of the cheek, lips, and tongue, allowing them to leave their appointments with complete facial function.

The system’s feather-light handpiece promotes ergonomics during use. Clinicians’ muscle fatigue is decreased and comfort is enhanced, enabling oral health professionals to focus on providing the highest quality care to their patients.

Key Benefits

  • Microprocessor-controlled delivery system for all injection types
  • Eliminates stress and anxiety in patients who are needle phobic
  • Patented STA injection increases production with immediate onset of anesthesia, and without collateralnumbness of the cheek, lips, and tongue
  • Feather-light handpiece, regulated flow of anesthetic, and automatic aspiration promote superior ergonomics and reduce operatorfatigue

Referral Builder

Patients are the dental practice’s most powerful marketing tool—and with the emergence of social media, the voice of the patient is louder than ever before. Investing in the Wand STA System demonstrates to patients that their oral health provider is committed to offering them the highest standard of care by eliminating the most universally feared aspect of dentistry—traditional syringe injections. Happy patients lead to referrals, and Wand STA patients rave to their friends, family, and colleagues about this dental practice offering. Learn more at



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