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Product Profile: Crest® PRO-HEALTH® HD ™ by Procter & Gamble

System cleans teeth and Improves gingival health.

Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] is a two-step toothpaste and gel system designed for daily use that provides gum benefits similar to chlorhexidine (via Step 1 stannous fluoride antibacterial
toothpaste), and may improve the oral health of individuals with gingivitis. The system also offers noticeable whitening results (measured with an induced gingivitis model assessing gingival health and tooth color by digital imaging following 3 weeks of treatment).

Step 1 delivers the benefits of stannous fluoride, uniquely formulated to help inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis.
Step 2 provides additional whitening power to remove surface stains with the help of hydrogen peroxide.


Daily toothbrushing with Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] offers users:

  • Gum health benefits comparable to chlorhexidine (via Step 1 stannous fluoride antibacterial toothpaste)
  • The advantage of whitening (following 3 weeks of treatment)
  • Reduced overnight plaque buildup
  • Significant reduction in gingival bleeding sites (following3 weeks of treatment)
  • Stain prevention (following 10 weeks of treatment)


Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] is indicated for patients age 12 and older and of all oral health statuses. Its ability to improve gingival health among patients with gingivitis and whiten teeth are the key benefits. Patients need to use the system as indicated to achieve desired results. Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] is designed to leverage the incremental chemistry of stannous fluoride and hydrogen peroxide. Step 1 provides oral health benefits, including caries protection, while Step 2 helps patients achieve visible whitening results. Oral health professionals
can purchase Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] through their sales representatives or online at

(800) 543-2577

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. January 2015;13(01):71.


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