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January 2022 Digital Agenda

Digital Agenda covers all that’s happening under Dimensions’ social media platforms.


Join Us in Celebrating Dimensions’ Anniversary

give awayEach month, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene will commemorate its 20-year anniversary with a fun giveaway of dental hygiene swag! Follow us on Instagram @dimensionsofdentalhygiene to learn how you can enter to win.  

We Love Our Brand Ambassadors

Every so often we post a code in the Brand Ambassadors’ private Facebook page to purchase a free Starbucks drink. Our Brand Ambassador Program—a group of thought leaders who serve as the voice of Dimensions, and help clinicians be the best they can be. Brand Ambassadors are encouraged to participate in online activities that earn points, which can be cashed in for rewards. Ambassadors participate as much or as little as they like. Rewards include free products and promotion across Dimensions’ social platforms, with opportunities to be featured in the print and online publication. Want to join?​​​apply to fill out an application today.

All You Need to Know About the Global Pandemic

woman on phone

As the global pandemic rages on, Dimensions is committed to keeping its readers up to date on COVID-19 and best practices for ensuring the health and safety of both pa­tients and practitioners. The COVID-19 resource center in­cludes help­ful articles, breaking news, relevant quizzes and slideshows, and links to continuing education articles currently offered on infection control topics. The journal is also deploying a daily update with relevant news specific to dental hy­gienists. Readers can subscribe by signing up for Dimensions’ email enewsletters on the home page.

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. January 2022; 20(1)11.

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