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January 2021 Marketplace For Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.


Elevate Silver Diamine Fluoride

Elevate Oral Care, West Palm Beach, Florida, has launched a convenient three-bottle kit of its Advantage Arrest® Silver Diamine Fluoride 38% (SDF). Each kit contains a total of 9 mLs of liquid in three 3-mL bottles. This new option allows offices to economically stock each treatment room—enhancing asepsis, saving time, and improving patient outcomes. This is especially useful with the new Current Dental Terminology D1355 primary prevention code available on January 1, 2021. 877-866-9113;


Mouthwatch Intraoral camera

MouthWatch LLC, Metuchen, New Jersey, offers the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera. The affordable intraoral camera produces high-quality images, provides seamless integration, and is simple to use with one-button operation. The camera is also lightweight at just 31 g and comes with an ergonomic handle to enable effective and pain-free use throughout the workday. A money-back guarantee and responsive lifetime customer service are also included. 877-544-4342;


Palmero hand sanitizer

Palmero Healthcare, Stratford, Connecticut, has introduced a new foaming hand sanitizer designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria in just 30 seconds. The new Palmero hand sanitizer is based on a proprietary foaming formula that contains 62% ethyl-alcohol in a pump dispenser in order to deliver antimicrobial efficacy in a smaller measured dosage. It’s a fast, effective, and readily-available option. 800-344-6424;



HuFriedyGroup, Chicago, introduces the Harmony™ Scaler. This scaler is designed to reduce pinch force up to 65% and the amount of pressure applied to the tooth by up to 37%. Designed with TrueFit™ Technology, an advanced sensor-based technology system, more than 2.8 million data points were collected to develop this ergonomic solution. With a design that is easily adaptable to the clinician’s individual grasp, the Harmony Scaler is the perfect fit for dental hygienists. 800-483-7433;



Orofacial Therapeutics LP, San Diego, has introduced the Speed2TreatTM Home Healing Kit for Head, Neck & Jaw Injury, which is designed to reduce pain, decrease dysfunction, and help to prevent a musculoskeletal injury from progressing to a chronic condition. Developed by orofacial pain experts Brad Eli, DMD, MS; James Fricton, DDS, MS; and James Elliott, PT, PhD, FAPTA, the kit is based on an orthopedic model of care that recognizes the unique characteristics of the jaw joint and facial musculature. Appropriate for acute jaw and muscle sprain/strain, tension headaches, blow to the jaw, flare-ups of existing jaw pain conditions, or trauma from mild cases of whiplash, sports-related concussion or intubation, the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit provides a 4-week care plan along with multiple components, including a temporary overnight oral appliance; hot/cold therapy packs; patient self-care instructions; and online resources including pain education, prescribed exercises, breath training, and calming virtual reality experiences linked with a smartphone. 800-670-0526;


From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. January 2021;19(1):44.

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