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Focus on Mouthrinses

This detailed table provides information about the latest therapeutic and cosmetic mouthrinses.

Patients rely on their oral health professionals for sound advice and suggestions— on everything from oral hygiene regimens to restorative advice to which product is best for their unique oral health needs. One commonly sought recommendation is about mouthrinses. The large variety of mouthrinse formulations suggest there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene presents our annual “Focus on Mouthrinses” to highlight the latest mouthrinse products and summarize their individual qualities by ingredients and indications. We hope you find this guide useful in your quest to deliver high-quality care and thoughtful recommendations to your patients.

—Jill Rethman, RDH, BA
    Editor in Chief

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Note: Mouthrinse manufacturers in the United States were invited to submit information for this table. There may be inadvertent product omissions. Submissions are edited for length and clarity. Clinicians are encouraged to research the claims and indications provided herein to determine if a specific product is effective for a particular patient. 

From Dimensions of Dental HygieneApril 2017;15(4):28-31.

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