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February 2019 Marketplace for Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.


VOCO, Indian Land, South Carolina, introduces Profluorid Varnish. This clear 5% sodium fluoride varnish is packaged in an easy-to-use, nonmessy SingleDose delivery system. Profluorid Varnish adheres well to moist surfaces and offers immediate fluoride release to relieve hypersensitivity. Its enhanced flow characteristics are designed to help the solution access hard-to-reach areas. The varnish is tooth-shaded, will not discolor the teeth, and comes in five subtle flavors without any aftertaste. 888-658-2584;


The new PRO-SYS VarioSonic electric toothbrush from Benco Dental, Pittston, Pennsylvania, is designed for healthy patients, as well as patients with compromised soft tissue. The electric toothbrush comes with five different brush heads of various stiffness and offers five levels of speed. The VarioSonic features 25 possible intensities to serve every oral condition, such as hypersensitivity or periodontal disease symptoms. VarioSonic features Dupont™ filaments, a travel case, and a battery that lasts a full month. 866-776-7971;


Palmero, Stratford, Connecticut, offers lightweight, single-use Disposable Mouth Mirrors. The one-time-use mouth mirrors have been redesigned for easy retracting of oral tissue and viewing of the dentition without the risk of cross-contamination. Featuring a durable, ergonomic design, the mirror’s handle provides clinicians with a slip-free comfortable grip. The ultra-thin reflecting surface is designed to provide enhanced imaging. Palmero Disposable Mouth Mirrors are available in a bulk pack (72 per box) and a new single pack (24 per box). 800-344-6424;


Practicon, Greenville, North Carolina, has launched CleanLight Snap-On Light Covers. These covers can be quickly and easily attached to all Pelton and Crane Helios operatory lights. Once placed on the light, CleanLight covers protect the mirrored reflector from streaks, scratches, and spatter. CleanLight Snap-On Light Covers are made from lightweight, recyclable polyethylene terephthalate plastic that can be easily cleaned with surface disinfectant. These covers do not affect light intensity or operation. The company recommends clinicians replace CleanLight covers on a weekly basis. 800-959-9505;


Moisyn Rinse, the follow-up companion to Prisyna’s, Claremont, California, Moisyn Mist, relieves symptoms of xerostomia. The liquid solution moisturizes and lubricates oral dryness after patients with xerostomia rinse with 5 mL to 6 mL of Moisyn Rinse for 1 minute. 855-774-7962;


From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. February 2019;17(2):44.

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