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April 2020 Social Commentary

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Naomi WatsonNaomi Weston, RDH Dimensions Facebook commenter

Educating some coworkers about things that can’t be recycled because they’re contaminated.




Joy VoidJoy D. Void-Holmes, RDH, BSDH, DHSc, AADH Dimensions Brand Ambassador

After traveling abroad recently, the biggest infection control challenge I see is people continuing to sneeze into their hands. In addition, many people put their hands in their mouth and touch things in public places. With simple behavior changes (that cost nothing by the way), we could control the spread of several infections, not just coronavirus.


India R. Chance, BSDH, RDH

India R. Chance, BSDH, RDH Dimensions Brand Ambassador

As an infection control educator, one of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed is how fragmented infection control information is in the dental industry. Various credible sources, many educators with differing opinions, so many rules and regulations, all of this can be overwhelming to dental professionals, resulting in lots of frustration, noncompliance, and generational errors passed from one team member to the next. Finding solutions for these issues might help our industry move toward a more cohesive approach to infection control.

Holly WimpeeHolly Wimpee, RDH Dimensions Facebook commenter

Living in Seattle, I am super anxious about aerosols right now.





Amanda Cole Hill, RDHAmanda Cole Hill, RDH Dimensions Brand Ambassador

The hardest thing about infection control is getting the whole team to buy in. Everyone needs to do their part—drain the lines each night, agree to buy the appropriate personal protective equipment and wear it properly, etc! There are so many aspects to infection control, without everyone on board there’s no way to follow the standards established. @amandahillrdh


Kristin JarvisKirsten Jarvi, MS, RDH Dimensions Facebook commenter

Education, calming down patients, and answering their fears. I send patients online resources that are smart and evidence-based. As for COVID-19, read every morning from validated scientific evidence-based sources. Be resourceful and a rover, not a roadblock.


Katharyn BuckinghamKatharyn Buckingham, RDH Dimensions Facebook commenter

Subbing at offices that are about to run out of my size of gloves, and having a mask shortage.




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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. April 2020;18(4):15.

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