Easy Ways to Complete 20 Activities

Does 20 activities seem like a lot of work? Here are some easy ways to complete 20 activities and earn points in your ambassador portal! Remember several activities can be done several times a week and/or month.

  1. Review Dimensions CE on Facebook and/or Instagram. (3 times per month)
  2. Post a picture on Facebook and/or Instagram where you take Dimensions CE! (3 times per month)
  3. Remind your friends to subscribe to Dimensions in a Facebook/ Instagram post! ( 3 times per month)
  4. Article Comment or Question —  Visit our website and leave a comment on an article or ask a question in the Ask the Expert forum or Mentor forum. (5 times per week)
  5. Social Media post — Pick any of our photos/posts or articles from our website or social media accounts and re-share on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. (2 times per week)
  6.  Post a Monthly issue photo  — Take a picture of yourself with the latest issue of Dimensions and post it on your Instagram and/or Facebook and use hashtag #dimensionsofdentalhygiene and mention @dimensionsofdentalhygiene. (2 times per month)
  7. Promote our new student website. (2 times per week)
  8. Share an Article — pick an Article, QuizPro or QuickStudy to share on your Facebook page. ( 3 timer per week)
  9. Affiliate post — post about being a brand ambassador. (2 times per month)
  10. Likes on social medial — Visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and ‘like’ FIVE posts. (5 times per week)
  11. Comments on Social Media — Visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and comment on THREE of our posts. (3 times per week)


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