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How to Promote Dimensions’ End of Year Campaign

Help spread the word about Dimensions’ End of Year Campaign—and earn points!

Bump up your points by completing promotional activities for Dimensions’ End of Year Campaign. Here are some quick ways to complete several activities in your ambassador portal! Promotional activities must be completed from December 14 to December 31, 2019.

Each activity is worth 10 points and can be done multiple times beginning December 14!

  1. Post our promotion on Facebook.
  2. Post our promotion on Instagram.
  3. Post a reminder or last chance reminder about the promotion on Facebook.
  4. Post a reminder, or final reminder about the promotion on Instagram.
  5. You can post an Instagram story alerting your followers of the End of Year promotion!
  6. Create and post an Instastory announcing the promotion.
  7. Remind followers about the promotion, and issue a final reminder/last chance Instastory.
  8. Create a Facebook video announcing the promotion.
  9. Post a last chance Facebook video about the promotion.

For more ideas on how to earn points, visit:


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