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7 Tips on Taking the Perfect Headshot

We’ve rounded up the 7 best tips to help you take a great photo using your phone.

Nowadays you no longer need to invest in a camera to take a professional looking headshot. But several elements should be considered when trying to snap the perfect bio picture. We’ve rounded up the 7 best tips to help you take a great photo using your phone.


Enlist a friend to spend some time capturing your headshot. To get started, set the phone’s camera to HDR mode, or portrait if you have an iPhone. And turn off the flash feature.


Avoid dark shadows and lighting that makes you squint your eyes, or washes you out. Natural lighting is best. Aim to take pictures on an overcast day, and avoid direct sunlight. If shooting inside, try to stand near a window to catch natural light.


Eye contact is important to making a great headshot; so make sure to look directly at the camera. Resist looking into the distance and stare directly into the camera as it makes for a nicer shot.



There are several apps that help retouch a photo to enhance color, balance lighting and eliminate noise. While it is tempting to add a filter to smooth out imperfections, go no filter on headshots. You want to look as natural as possible in your bio so skip extreme filters.



Do you prefer a head or chin tilt? Have a favorite side? Now is the time to work with a variety of poses to capture that perfect picture. Stand at an angle away from the camera but remember to always turn your head turned toward the camera. And do not zoom in. Instead, leave space around your head and shoulders, as you can crop in tighter later.


Resist a noisy background that takes the focus off you. Aim for a bright, neutral background like a white wall or a simple background. To keep from blending into the background, select clothing that contrasts with the backdrop.


Your headshot represents your brand and will be used in several places, from Facebook and Instagram to newsletters and eblasts. Avoid cropped images, group photos, or a selfie of you and a best friend as your bio picture.  This is all about you, after all.

Grab a friend or a selfie stick and start snapping away!

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