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Release time or Efficacy

Ask the Expert ForumCategory: Periodontal TherapyRelease time or Efficacy
guestuser asked 10 years ago
At one of our study clubs we learned from another dental office that they are putting minocycline in KY Jelly and administering that into the sulcus of perio patients. They use about 1-2mm of gel and a tablet of minocycline powder. According to a speaker who promotes this, Arestin is expensive and this gets them to treat more pockets for less. I question the efficacy and release. What are your opinions on this?
1 Answers
Jill Rethman, RDH, BA answered 6 years ago
This reminds me of the days before chlorhexidine was approved for oral use. Clinicians were using a hand soap containing chlorhexidine and making an oral rinse with it. Like you, I question the means of delivery and quality control. There are no studies to support this method yet numerous studies to support the use of marketed site-specific, controlled release antimicrobials such as Arestin. This method of mixing minocycline with KY Jelly gives no controlled-release effect, a major feature why Arestin works. In reality, a comparison could be made to in-office irrigation with the KY Jelly technique: short-term delivery of an antimicrobial that is shown to be ineffective because it's eliminated from the pocket quickly. We owe our patients the best possible care, using evidence-based methods. Therefore, using researched, proven products is always the best approach.

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