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4 Quads of RPC Without a DDS in Office?(Floride)

Ask the Expert ForumCategory: Ethics & Risk Management4 Quads of RPC Without a DDS in Office?(Floride)
guestuser asked 11 years ago
I practice in Florida, by law can a RDH do 4 quads of RPC without a DDS in office. I just started a new job and they have me scheduled to do 4 quads with no Doctor in office. My old job did not have me work when there is no doctor.
1 Answers
Michele P. Carr, RDH, MA, EdD answered 6 years ago
According to the Florida State Dental Board website and the documents they provide (links below). It looks as though dental hygienists in Florida can do root planing only under indirect supervision, which is defined as, “requires that a licensed dentist examine the patient, diagnose a condition to be treated, authorize the procedure to be performed, and be on the premises while the procedure is performed.” It also states in the Florida statute that local anesthesia can only be administered under direct supervision: “A dental hygienist under the direct supervision of a dentist may administer local anesthesia, including intraoral block anesthesia, soft tissue infiltration anesthesia, or both, to a nonsedated patient who is 18 years of age or older, if the following criteria are met.” So the answer would be no, this is not a permissible act. That being said, not all rule changes are published quickly on state dental board websites, so to ensure the most accurate information, you should contact your state dental board. The two documents found are located here:

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