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This Month’s Features

Menopause-Related Changes to the Oral Cavity

Oral health professionals need to educate their patients about the effects of menopause on oral health.

Tips to Boost Remineralization

Evidence-based approaches are key to supporting tooth remineralization.

The Root of the Problem

Oregon is funding education to ease the shortage of oral health professionals, but is it the most prudent approach?

Continuing Education

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Setting

Knowledge of medical emergency etiology and strategies for their efficient handling is key to supporting successful outcomes.

Alternative Mandibular Block Techniques

In addition to the conventional Halsted inferior alveolar nerve block and two well-known alternatives, this discussion will examine key features of other mandibular block techniques and short needle approaches.

Holistic Dentistry: The Whole Approach to Oral Healthcare

Natural products may offer patients efficacy with fewer side effects.

Exploring the Impacts of Long COVID

An emerging epidemic, long COVID may cause enduring and serious side effects.


Editor’s Note

New Horizons

I recently attended the National Mobile & Teledentistry Conference for the first time.

Ask the Expert

Importance of Medical Histories

During my review, I was penalized for taking too much time on medical histories. I am concerned that if I am not thorough, I may be liable if something goes wrong.

Products and Services

Clinical Insights: The Science Under the Orange Cap

Learn how TheraBreath™ Fresh Breath Mouthrinse starts working instantly to help fight the bacteria that cause oral malodor.

Clinical Insights: Preventing Pain in Dentistry

Tips to help dental hygienists create a healthier work life.

Newsline + Industry Info

Students Undertake Project on Tobacco Use Policies

Dental hygiene students at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) are making a difference when it comes to protecting residents from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

April 2023 Digital Agenda

April 2023 Dimensions Digital Agenda.

Global Oral Health Status Is Grim

A new “Global Oral Health Status Report” published by the World Health Organization (WHO) provides the first-ever comprehensive picture of oral disease burden, with data profiles for 194 countries that offer key markers of oral health.

Trailblazing Dental Hygienist and Educator Celebrates 104th Birthday

Konnetta Putman-Sparks, MA, RDH, turned 104 on March 25, and the entire dental hygiene community should celebrate.


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