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Product Profile: GUM Monsterz Kids’ and GUM Monsterz Junior Toothbrushes by Sunstar

Make Brushing Fun.

Make brushing fun for young patients with new GUM Monsterz toothbrushes! Friendly monster characters engage children, helping to improve compliance, and the toothbrushes are available in two sizes— Kids’ and Junior—providing options for children of all ages.


  • Soft bristles gently and effectively remove plaque
  • Center bristles help guide the child in determining amount of toothpaste to use
  • Dome Trim® bristle design is clinically proven to clean below the gumline1
  • Suction cup base holds toothbrush upright, which keeps bristles dry and clean, plus it reduces clutter on countertops


GUM Monsterz Kids’ Toothbrush features a small brush head and handle, making it easy for young children—who are just starting to brush on their own—learn the proper technique for holding and maneuvering around each tooth. Colored center bristles serve as a visual guide to help kids determine how much toothpaste to use. It comes in four colors— blue, green, purple, and pink—so boys and girls can pick their favorite


GUM Monsterz Junior Toothbrush has a larger brush head and handle, making it the perfect choice for older kids. White colored center bristles serve as a guide in determining how much toothpaste to use. It comes in four cool colors—blue, black, purple, and pink—that older kids will appreciate.



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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. November 2017;15(11):55.

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