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A listing of featured products.


Vista Dental Products, Racine, Wis, announces the expansion of its ultrasonic tip line to include safety tips. The HST, Dr. Harrel Safety Tip, is designed for rapid calculus removal with a diamond tip while maintaining the safety of a smooth stainless steel tip. The tip is compatible with all major brands of piezo ultrasonic scalers. (877) 418-4782;


Microflex Corp, Reno, Nev, announces ComfortGrip™, a new powder-free, latex glove designed to offer comfort, low protein, and a competitive price. (800) 876-6866;


Colgate-Palmolive, New York, offers Colgate Total®, a dentifrice designed to fight gingival inflammation. Triclosan, an ingredient in the toothpaste, provides 12-hour antibacterial action and inhibits potent mediators responsible for gingival inflammation. In combination with triclosan, the toothpaste includes a broad spectrum antibacterial and a patented copolymer designed to prolong the retention of triclosan on the surface of the teeth and gums. (800) 2COLGATE;


Crosstex International, Hauppauge, NY, offers Crosstex Face Shields. Antifog and antistatic inside and out, they are lightweight and feature a foam headband with top air vents, which holds the shield a comfortable distance from the face with latex-free elastic. Combination masks and shields as well as protective eyewear are also available. (888) CROSSTEX;


OMNI Preventive Care, a 3M ESPE Co, West Palm Beach, Fla, offers Vanish™ 5% sodium fluoride, a white fluoride varnish designed to virtually disappear after application. Vanish is available in cherry and melon flavors. Unit-dose package provides convenience, consistency, and safety. The product is now available in a bulk package containing 1,000 unit-doses and applicator brushes. (800) 445-3386;


Orascoptic, Middleton, Wis, introduces Zeon® Micro LumenArc™, a high definition light system that features a new lightweight head lamp and fiberoptic cable. The system contains the Zeon LumenArc light source and a new micro cable that weighs 0.3 oz. (800) 369-3698;


Church & Dwight Co Inc, Princeton, NJ, introduces a new “heritage” look for its complete line of Arm & Hammer® baking soda toothpaste. The new packaging will begin in 2007 and harkens back to the brand’s heritage, reinforcing the importance of baking soda’s oral health benefits. Arm & Hammer Dental Care®, Arm & Hammer Advance White®, Arm & Hammer Enamel Care®, Arm & Hammer Peroxicare®, and Arm & Hammer Complete Care™ will all feature the new look. (800) 447-6666;


DENTSPLY Professional, York, Pa, introduces the new NUPRO White Gold 36% hydrogen peroxide In-Office and 15% hydrogen peroxide Take Home tooth whiteners. In-Office is designed to offer six shade changes in 45 minutes. The Take Home product is worn for 15 minutes per day for 7 days with an average of five shade changes. A combination of both products is designed to create nine shade changes. (800) 989-8826;


Sunstar (Butler® and GUM® brands), Chicago, introduces GUM® brand Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP, 0.12%, a Food and Drug Administration-approved CHX rinse that contains no alcohol. GUM’s new rinse contains 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate and is an alternative to other CHX rinses that contain alcohol. The antimicrobial rinse is safe for patients who are sensitive to alcohol or who cannot have any alcohol exposure and those who are susceptible to dry mouth, irritation of soft tissues, or mucositis. (800) 528-8537;


SurgiTel®/General Scientific Corp, Ann Arbor, Mich, makes ErgoVision HD Loupes, designed to help clinicians maintain proper neck postures and work with overall comfort. The loupes have an Ergo Frame with double nose pads, patented visual alignment, and precision optical convergence. They also offer high image resolution, exceptional depth of field, and large field of views. (800) 959-0153;

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