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Solmetex PowerSonic™ UltraSonic Cleaning Solution is designed to boost the effectiveness of ultrasonic baths and instrument washers.

Stay on top of your instrument cleaning with PowerSonic UltraSonic Cleaning Solution. A general purpose cleaning material, PowerSonic UltraSonic Cleaning Solution is a patented, plant- and mineral-based, 100% enzyme-free, catalytic cleaner that supercharges the action of your ultrasonic bath and instrument washer using powerful nano-oxygen bubbles.

PowerSonicStrategies to Support Your Instrument Cleaning Protocol

Dental hygienists are charged with following evidence-based instrument processing protocols to ensure instruments are safe to use. Failure to comply with such guidelines may lead to licensing issues and a loss of confidence in clinicians’ abilities to perform quality and safe patient care.1 Using a high-performance cleaner—such as PowerSonic UltraSonic Cleaning Solution—will help ensure compliance with all infection control protocols. In order to support successful instrument reprocessing, instruments should be arranged so that the appropriate workflow can occur in a one-directional sequence:1

  • Collection and sorting of dirty instruments
  • Cleaning in the ultrasonic bath or instrument washer with a high-quality cleaning solution
  • Rinsing and drying
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Storage

Advantages of PowerSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

The PowerSonic UltraSonic Cleaning Solution is perfect for use in ultrasonic baths and instrument washers, as well as for general cleaning purposes. It provides the following benefits:

  • Immediate elimination of odors and organic matter
  • Rapidly removes protein—even without ultrasonic action
  • Reduces ultrasonic bath sludge and odor
  • No mixing required
  • 100% enzyme free
  • Environmentally friendly formulation

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