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Pac-Dent’s Air/Water Syringes

Pac-Dent offers a variety of disposable air/water syringe tips for oral health professionals.

Pac-Dent’s Armor™ Air/​Water Syringe Tip and Sleeve Combo merges tip and sleeve placement into a single step, saving time while ensuring stringent infection control. The syringe features a five air-core tip for precise air and water delivery. Its co-polymer film sleeve provides total surface coverage.

With clear plastic exteriors and metal interiors, the TruTip™ Plus Colors Air/​Water Syringe Tips remain firmly in place throughout procedures and guarantee dry air. A version with a solid-colored plastic exterior is also available.

KleanTip™ Air/​Water Syringe Tips feature a central water channel surrounded by six individual air channels, which guarantee an instant switch between air and water.

Featuring a unique interlocking system that ensures a secure seal, SureTight™ Air/​Water Syringe Tips include a single water channel with five separate air channels that ensure perfect separation of air and water to prevent mixing.

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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. April/May 2024; 22(3):10

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