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BasicBites by Ortek Therapeutics Inc

Soft Chews to Maintain Enamel Health

BasicBites are delicious 15-calorie, sugar-free soft chews clinically shown to maintain enamel health and work differently than other oral care products. BasicBites replenish teeth with arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, vital toothsupporting nutrients that are also naturally found in saliva. Without killing bacteria, BasicBites nurture the good pHraising bacteria in biofilms and support mineral repair—a prebiotic approach to help maintain enamel health.

Research-Based Therapy

Just two BasicBites a day nourish and activate the beneficial pH-raising bacteria discovered in oral biofilms, counteract plaque acids, support mineral repair, and help maintain oral homeostasis. BasicBites are recommended for patients with dry mouth and those who consume excess fermentable carbohydrates.

The revolutionary microbiome technology in BasicBites is based on decades of research investigating how mixed oral bacterial communities naturally interact with saliva to help maintain enamel health. This technology was developed and tested at Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine. For more information about BasicBites or to order, please visit:

From Dimensions of Dental HygieneJuly 2018;16(7):50.

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