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November 2020 Marketplace For Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.



BURST USA Inc, Walnut, California, introduces Oral Probiotics, minty fresh, dissolvable lozenges that, in conjunction with regular oral hygiene, help to reestablish a healthy balance of bacteria in the oral cavity and upper respiratory system. The product focuses on promoting the growth of good bacteria, such as Streptococcus salivarius and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, in the oral cavity and curtailing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Formulated with 6 billion colony forming units (with a guaranteed 2 million upon consumption, as with all living things, they degrade over time) and six strains of bacteria, these clinically researched probiotic strains specifically target plaque buildup, caries, and oral malodor. The Oral Probiotics are made from 100% natural ingredients, and are sugar- and genetically modified organism free, and vegetarian;


pain relief balmPain-Relief Balm

TJz Balm, Boca Raton, Florida, has launched an organic, botanical, and topical night-time pain relief balm to combat teeth grinding and jaw pain, and to promote sleep. Due its natural ingredients, TJz Balm also leaves skin soft. The over-the-counter drug contains a unique formula derived from seven plants including organic lavender, ginger, and jojoba. A mom and son duo with degrees in nutritional biochemistry and industrial engineering who experienced temporomandibular joint-related clenching were driven to use a combination of recipe development skills and botanical knowledge to create TJz. The balm relaxes the jaw using a hands-free massage applicator. 631-278-2659.


water flosserWater Flosser

Spotlight Oral Care, Galway, Ireland, has launched the Spotlight Water Flosser. With a 360° rotating nozzle and three operating modes (normal, soft, and pulse), the Water Flosser removes bacteria from deep between the teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach. It is suitable for people with braces, bridges, crowns, implants, and periodontal pockets. The oral care product comes with a tongue scraper, classic jet tip, orthodontic spray tip, and periodontal pocket sprinkler, all designed to improve oral health and provide a cleaner, fresher mouth. 091- 428-712.


interdental cleanerInterdental Cleaner

Sunstar Americas Inc, Schaumburg, Illinois, offers GUM® Soft-Picks® Comfort Flex Mint, which deliver a minty fresh sensation and feature flexible rubber bristles for gentle, effective between-teeth food and plaque removal. It’s the newest offering in the GUM line, which includes GUM Soft-Picks Original and Advanced, all of which are designed to clean between teeth as effectively as string flossing. 888-777-3101.


LINE OF DENTAL FLOSSLine of Dental Floss

ProxySoft® Worldwide Inc, Bethel, Connecticut, the original inventors of Superfloss, offers a line of dental floss designed to and protect against periodontitis, gingivitis, gum recession, and inflammation. The ProxySoft product line includes 3-in-1 Floss for everyday flossing, Periodontal Floss for periodontal diseases and gum ailments, and Bridge & Implant Cleaners for cleaning dental bridges and implants. Each product features ProxySoft’s cutting edge FlexYarnTM technology, a wireless spongy proxy brush designed to sweep away plaque and debris that reside between the teeth, under bridges, and around implants and braces. The ProxySoft line of floss also has built-in stiff threaders that help provide controlled cleaning through a thread-and-pull action. 203-730-0084.



Church & Dwight Co Inc, Ewing, New Jersey, offers ARM & HAMMER Essentials Toothpaste, which provides all of the benefits of 100% natural baking soda combined with fluoride for caries prevention and naturally sourced calcium for repair of the enamel surface. It is also free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), peroxide, preservatives, parabens, artificial sweeteners, and dyes. The new toothpaste variety offers two options for oral health professionals: ARM & HAMMER Essentials Whiten & Strengthen Fluoride Toothpaste and Essentials Healthy Teeth & Gums Fluoride Toothpaste. 800-786-5135.



Palmero Healthcare, Baltimore, introduces the ProVision® Secure Safety Eyewear With Strap, which offers the wearer distortion-free, anti-fog, and anti-static lenses for superior peripheral vision and protection. The unique vent design at the top and the bottom of the foam insulation helps provide a comfortable experience while providing protection from hazardous spray, splatter, and splashes from pathogens. The strap eliminates the gap between eyewear and face. 800-344-6424.



Preventech, Indian Trail, North Carolina, offers nada prophy paste. This prophy paste does not contain dyes, fluoride, oils, trace elements, or taste. Packaged in a convenient pre-made dose, nada saves the clinician time by eliminating the need to mix flour of pumice. The prophy paste’s consistency and abrasive performance leave the tooth surface prepped and clean, increasing the likelihood of strong adhesions for sealants, composite bonding, and orthopedic bracket application. As an all-natural product, nada is an ideal solution for patients with allergies. 800-474-8681.



While face shields offer valuable safety benefits, they can be difficult for oral health professionals to practice effectively in due to sweat and fogging issues. To alleviate these issues, No Sweat Co, Minnetonka, Minnesota, has introduced NoSweat face shield liners that stick to the forehead band of any shield to instantly wick away sweat, dirt, and oil to prevent them from running down the clinician’s face. The liners are designed to ultimately help keep the shield cleaner and fog-free for a longer time period. The thin liners also provide more padding for the forehead area to prevent it from becoming sore or raw, as well as extending the life of the face shield overall by keeping it free of stains and odors. 615-697-9328.

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. November 2020;18(10):44-45.

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