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May 2020 Marketplace For Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.


The Palmero HVESolo™ from Palmero Healthcare, Stratford, Connecticut, is a new disposable evacuation tip designed for clinicians performing power instrumentation without assistance. The evacuation tip’s lightweight design and short (2.5 inches) length allows clinicians to easily and comfortably guide evacuation along with powered instrumentation throughout the mouth, using their non-dominant hand.  During power instrumentation procedures, bacteria and viruses can spread through splatter and aerosols. The use of an HVE (high-volume evacuator) has been shown to reduce the contamination arising from the operative site. The Palmero HVESolo is a convenient, comfortable, and efficient device to improve the safety and effectiveness of dental procedures. The HVESolo features proper venting, a wide scoop tip, and rounded edges to maximize suction and improve visibility while enhancing patient comfort. It is also compatible with all high-volume evacuation lines.  800-344-6424;


Benco Dental, Pittston, Pennsylvania, has partnered with OperaDDS to offer the COVID-19 Pre-Appointment Screening And Teledentistry Kit. This kit provides enhanced access to screening and teledentistry solutions developed to help practices respond more effectively to the changing environment of dentistry amid COVID-19. The COVID-19 Pre-Appointment Screening And Teledentistry Kit adds necessary screening and reduces unnecessary interaction to keep team members and patients safe. The two-step process consists of pre-screening patients for COVID-19 prior to each appointment by using OperaDDS to email or text  a COVID-19 screening form based on current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines; and using a Teledentistry Emergency Triage Form that can be texted or emailed and allows patients to securely send photos and videos of their issue to reduce unnecessary emergency appointments and exposure. 800-GO-BENCO;


ARM & HAMMER (Church & Dwight Co Inc), Ewing, New Jersey, has added new Essentials Toothpaste to its product line. This new toothpaste is made with only the essentials—100% natural baking soda with clinically proven benefits, fluoride for caries prevention, and naturally sourced calcium for repair of the enamel surface. The new toothpaste is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, peroxide, preservatives, parabens, artificial sweeteners, and dyes. Available in two options: ARM & HAMMER Essentials Whiten & Strengthen Fluoride Toothpaste and Essentials Healthy Teeth & Gums Fluoride Toothpaste. 800-786-5135;


Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, New York, introduces its new Colgate Zero product offerings. These products are formulated with 0% artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. The lineup includes Colgate® Zero Peppermint Toothpaste, which has a microfoaming formula that provides a deep clean and caries protection, while also strengthening enamel and freshening breath with a 100% natural flavor. Colgate Zero Mouthwash Fresh Breath is alcohol-free, is designed to kill 99% of germs, and has a natural, cooling peppermint flavor that freshens breath. The formula Colgate Zero Toothpaste for Kids 2-6 Years strengthens enamel and protects against caries. Plus the fluoride formula has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance and has a kid-friendly natural strawberry flavor. Younger children will enjoy the Colgate Zero Toothpaste for Kids 3-24 Months, which has a baby-friendly natural mild fruit flavor and is safe if swallowed. The fluoride-free formula also offers a gentle clean for teeth and gums. The Colgate Zero for Kids Manual Toothbrush is BPA-free, contains no artificial colors, and is suitable for children ages 2 and older. 800-226-5428;


Preventech, Indian Trail, North Carolina, offers nada prophy paste. This prophy paste does not contain dyes, fluoride, oils, trace elements, or taste. Packaged in a convenient pre-made dose, nada saves the clinician time by eliminating the need to mix flour of pumice. The prophy paste’s consistency and abrasive performance leave the tooth surface prepped and clean, increasing the likelihood of strong adhesions for sealants, composite bonding, and orthopedic bracket application. As an all-natural product, nada is an ideal solution for patients with allergies. 800-474-8681;


Hu-Friedy, Chicago, offers the instrument set, Empowerment Kit. This new set of hand scalers was designed to support clinicians who use power therapies, and enhance the effectiveness of ultrasonic and AIRFLOW®1 treatment protocols to deliver optimal clinical outcomes. The 10% thinner blades allow clinicians to easily access tight interproximal spaces and effectively remove calculus subgingivally. Empowerment scalers are color-coded to easily identify and maximize efficiency. 800-483-7433;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. May 2020;18(5):46.

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