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Product Profile: GXS-700™ Digital Intraoral Sensors by Gendex

Digital Sensors Deliver Enhanced Imaging Results.

Gendex Digital Intraoral SensorsGendex continues its legacy of innovative and affordable products with its GXS-700 digital intraoral sensors. The GXS-700 digital sensors are designed to deliver enhanced imaging results, improved patient comfort, and maximum portability. Such benefits make migrating from film or upgrading existing digital systems simple. Gendex GXS-700 digital intraoral sensors are gaining popularity due to their compatibility, comfort, quality imaging, durability, and dependable support.


  • Engineered for smooth integration into practice management systems, creating more time for patient contact and additional appointments
  • Compatible with a wide variety of imaging software, including: DENTRIX®, EagleSoft,easydental®, Practiceworks™, and SoftDent™


  • Compact sensor design with smooth, rounded comfort corners
  • Two sizes to accommodate children and adults
  • The small GXS-700 digital intraoral sensor was developed to be closest to size 0 film—the most widely used X-ray film on children


  • Brilliant diagnostic results due to advanced complementary metal-oxide semiconductor or CMOSsensor technology
  • Real-time images with clarity and detail lead to enhanced technical and diagnostic capabilities
  • Easy capture of high-definition images of both horizontal and vertical bitewings
  • Ideal for capturing challenging areas of the mouth, such as third molars and long-rooted canines
  • Enhanced images support diagnosis and identification of the best treatment plan forpatients


  • Built to last due to the use of durable materials and components
  • Gendex products are known for their dependability
  • Operate on low power consumption


Gendex has a rich history of product durability and class, earning its products many accolades. The company’s GXS-700 digital intraoral sensors have been awarded 2014 “Best Product”
by Dental Product Shopper; “Best of Class” by Pride Institute; and “Top 10 Products” by Dental Products Report.


From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. July 2016;14(07):65.

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