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Improve Your Ergonomics and Aerosol Control

ErgoFinger® is key to safe, efficient, and comfortable high-volume evacuation.

ErgoFinger® HVE from ErgoMedi Ltd.
ErgoFinger® HVE from ErgoMedi Ltd.

The ErgoFinger® is the ultimate solution from ErgoMedi Ltd to minimize the physical stress of working without an assistant. A finger-attached high-volume evacuation (HVE) tip, the ErgoFinger® offers a 360° rotating nozzle and a variable length that allows the suction power to be directed specifically toward the working area. These features improve the accessibility of all procedures in the oral cavity area—making operations more efficient and accurate.

Reducing Cross-Contamination Risk

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the dental operatory, the spray generated by the ultrasonic scaler must be contained before it exits the mouth. For this to occur, the HVE tip must be 8 mm or greater in diameter, and it must be held no further than 2 cm from the ultrasonic scaler’s working tip.1 The ErgoFinger® fits this recommendation perfectly with a nozzle bore size of 11 mm that enables the reduction of aerosols and elimination of fluid and debris during instrumentation. The ErgoFinger®’s rotating nozzle allows the suction power to capture fluid, splatter, and aerosol from the source. The unique air vents and cusps prevent the nozzle from remaining attached to the mucous membranes. The result is highly efficient fluid removal that greatly improves visibility.

close up of the ErgoFInger in useEffortless Working Posture

Managing a handheld HVE to remove aerosols, fluid, and debris without an assistant while performing power instrumentation is complex. As dental hygienists are at elevated risk for work-related musculoskeletal disorders, the ErgoFinger® HVE supports ergonomic working postures, such as avoiding upraised arms, limiting bending and twisting of the neck, and decreasing awkward twisting of the wrist and overly tight pinched grip.

The ErgoFinger® comes with its own lightweight HVE hose, making it easy to hold and effortlessly move during treatment. It allows the wrist to stay in a neutral position with the shoulder down and elbow to the side, eliminating upper extremity pain and discomfort while supporting ergonomically correct working posture throughout the day.

close up of the ErgoFInger in useThe design of the finger cover is form-fitting and pleasant, which improves comfort for oral health professionals. Thanks to the soft material and smooth, round edges of the nozzle, the lip, cheek, or mucous membranes can be retracted and the soft tissues protected, also boosting patient comfort.


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