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February 2022 Social Commentary

What do you think is the most important factor in supporting oral health throughout a lifetime?

MaryMary Kaye Scaramucci, RDH, MS

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A good dental hygienist.

JenniferJennifer Huebner, RDH, BSDH

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The single most important factor in supporting oral health throughout a lifetime is consistency of care. We see the significant deterioration of oral health following gaps in professional care as well as gaps in at-home care. Whether it’s missing dental appointments due to lack of insurance coverage or inability to maintain adequate self-care in times of crisis, such as major medical challenges, these interruptions can have a large and cumulative negative impact over a lifetime.

SusanSusan C. Buchenberger, MEd, BSDH, RDH

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Encouraging routine recare visits. I believe that encouraging out patients to visit the dental office four routine care is the most important supporting factor of a lifetime besides daily care at home. Their oral health will be better as we diagnose problems early.

JanetJanet Goertz-Myer, RDH

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A power toothbrush. Flossing is important but a hard skill to learn and difficult for many seniors.

MelissaMelissa Calhoun, RDH, MSDH

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Starting education early. Educating women of childbearing age about the importance of oral healthcare before and during pregnancy. The oral health of pregnant women can affect the future oral health of their children.

AnnAnn Cote, RDH, MSHA

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Making sure your patients understand you when you educate them, and providing a tailored oral hygiene instruction to fit their needs.

AuroraAurora M. Graves DeMarco, BA, RDH, CDA

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The word “support.” As hygienists, it is our job to help each patient achieve their best oral health. Not our idea of perfect oral health. Through education, compassion, and understanding, we can help our patients grow in their abilities over time. Health is a lifelong goal that must be curated, not rushed.

AshleyAshley Hope, CRDH, CDA

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I truly believe the most important factor in supporting great oral health throughout a lifetime is educating children and parents. Children are our future and the more we can support their understanding of how important their dentition is, the better. Maintaining a healthy dentition is linked to having a healthy body, but, unfortunately, that’s not how generations before us were taught. We can support those generations with improving their knowledge but we can improve the oral health of generations to come with more education.

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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. February 2022; 20(2)13.

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