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FAQ: Floral Design Face Masks by BeeSure 

Face mask design delivers comfort, breathability, and style.

BeeSure offers many high-quality protective barriers designed for clinician use during the delivery of care. What features of the new Floral Design Face Mask make it unique from other face protection products?

Like all of BeeSure’s products, the Floral Design Face Mask was developed by providing the best balance of comfort and protection. Offering users ASTM Level 2 protection, the Floral Design Face Mask features CoolSilk™— a lint-free inner layer that delivers a cool, soft feeling that will not irritate skin. Containing no added dyes or chemicals, these 100% latex-free masks are an excellent choice for clinicians with sensitive skin. Floral Design Face Masks also feature BeeSure’s proprietary RoundEdge™ corners and cushioned earloops, which provide a comfortable fit that’s ideal for extended procedures. Front-facing indicators ensure correct donning. Finally, clinicians will enjoy the face mask’s Quad-Fold™ design, which provides 15% more breathing volume compared to traditional three-fold masks—allowing easy breathability without moisture build-up.

What styles and colors are available?

Floral Design Face Masks are designed to brighten the day of both oral health professionals and their patients.They are available in five colors and designs, including Hibiscus Pink, Plumeria Blue, Orchid Purple, Daisy Yellow, and Fern Green. Each box contains 50 face masks.

What should oral health professionals know about the masks’ filtration efficiency and BeeFirst technology?

BeeSure’s Floral Design Face Masks protect clinicians by meeting ASTM Level 2 protection while providing ≥98% bacterial filtration and ≥98% particle filtration at 0.1 micron. With ultimate hygiene in mind, the face masks are engineered with the company’s BeeFirst™ technology, which ensures zero skin contact during the manufacturing and shipping process. This means that the clinician who removes the face mask from the box is the first person to handle it.

BeeSure is known as a “green” brand. What environmental benefits does this product offer?

BeeSure is committed to providing safe, high-quality oral health care products while being environmentally responsible. The BeeSure Floral Design Face Mask is packaged using up to 75% post-consumer fiber materials. Also, the company’s 25¢ for Nature program contributes money toward environmental causes for every case of product sold. This program has helped replant more than 35,000 trees since 2008.


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