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Embracing Change Over a Lifetime

Haven’t we all faced a multitude of challenges over a lifetime?

Sunie Keller, RN, RDH, BS, CLNC
Sunie Keller, RN, RDH, BS, CLNC

Haven’t we all faced a multitude of challenges over a lifetime? Perhaps my story of career changes and divorce will resonate with you. I found that Ihad the resilience and persistence to meet those challenges and to seek a pathway to freedom and independence.

When I entered the nursing field in 1976, I accepted the reality of working weekends and nights. However, I also knew I wanted a normal 8 to 5 job in order to be home with my family. In addition, I wanted to obtain a 4-year degree but couldn’t decide in which field. My brother-in-law was a dentist and suggested dental hygiene due to the hours and good pay. I knew if I didn’t like it, I could always return to nursing. Surprisingly, I loved both professions and have worked in both fields part-time throughout most of my career. 

After I obtained my dental hygiene license, I worked 8 to 5 in a dental practice and then I would work 7 to 11 pm at a hospital with a 12-hour shift over the weekend. I loved working a variety of jobs in clinical dental hygiene from periodontics to pediatrics,  as well as practicing as a nurse in intensive care units, urgent care, surgical settings, and in prisons. I thrived on the variety.

When my marriage ended, I decided to look into legal nurse consulting as dental hygiene jobs were scarce at the time. I spent $10,000 to obtain my certificate in legal nurse consulting and became the only legal nursing consultant with expertise in both dental malpractice and personal injury. A scientific article I wrote was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Legal Nurse Consultants, and subsequently named article of the year. I was called on to assist attorneys with dental life care plans, which again opened another career pathway for me.

Eventually, I realized that after 42 years as a dental hygienist and 45 years as a nurse, another career change was ahead of me, and I became a health coach. I continued working as a dental hygienist while also providing health coaching. Not only has it been transformative for those I have coached but for me as well. Nothing is better than receiving accolades from my health coaching clients!

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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. June 2021;19(6):10.

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