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Produce Profile: The Gum Health Physical by Colgate

Interactive Digital Tool Supports Patient Compliance

Innovations in technology have significantly improved the delivery of dental care. Embracing this ideology is Colgate, who believes in working together to help empower better oral health. That is why the company recently created the Gum Health Physical—a new interactive digital tool used to give patients a gum health evaluation and then provide a report
for reference at home, helping them focus on putting these recommendations into daily practice.


The Gum Health Physical includes:

  • Customizable patient charts. A simple visual of the teeth helps patients easily identify problem areas. Clinicians can activate areas of the chart they want patients to focus on—helping them to implement such recommendations at home.
  • Personalized recommendation reports. The core of the Gum Health Physical’s benefit is the custom reports for patients to use at home, either as a printout or as an emailed PDF. These reports include product recommendations, a visualization of their patient chart, and an area for additional comments
  • Interactive education. Patients retain information best when it is presented in a quick and visual way. The education built into the Gum Health Physical is designed to do just that. Specialized videos and interactive patient education can be used chairside and emailed to patients at home to drive the importance of gum health practices.


To find out more or to get your office started, visit:


Colgate | GHP

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. November 2016;14(10):57.


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