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4 Ways to Host An Instagram Takeover

Instagram takeovers are a great way to collaborate between influencers and brands.

Instagram takeovers are a great way to collaborate between influencers and brands. Not only do these takeovers place the brand in front of a new audience, but the partnership can help ramp up user engagement, raise brand awareness, or increase Instagram following. Here are 4 ways to host a successful Instagram takeover.


Show our followers how you use the journal. Share the features or continuing education (CE) courses that you found the most helpful in your day-to-day practice. Share about yourself, the work you do, and your experiences through instagram posts, Instagram stories, or go live.



Are you an expert in infection control or ergonomics? Recently authored a DImensions feature or CE? Have a knack for uplifting fellow hygienists or mentoring? Want to rave about your dental office? Find a way to blend your know-how with the brand’s overall mission to create compelling content that users will want to access. Ideas range from ” a day in the life of,” behind the scenes, or instructional videos.



Be ready to spread the word about the takeover prior to the launch to pique users’ interest. Cross-promoting should be done by both the takeover guest and the brand across all social platforms. Use images and hashtags pre-established by both parties to share the news with your followers.


The key to launching a successful Instagram takeover is planning activities in advance to align with the brand and influencer goals. During these planning sessions, the host and brand can decide which products or content to promote on a day-to-day basis and which creative formats to implement to help drive followers to the page.



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