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Test Your Radiography Skills

Oral health professionals should stay up to speed on the ins and outs of radiography as a useful diagnostic tool for both adults and children.


Bitewing radiographs can aid in the diagnosis and detection of which of the following?

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Periapical radiographs display the crowns of teeth and crestal bone in both arches.

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The diagnostic quality of X-rays depends on the quality of your radiographic technique.

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A bitewing survey is typically composed of four horizontal projections, two on each side of the mouth (premolar and molar).

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Horizontal bitewings are most commonly indicated but vertical bitewings are preferred in patients with current or past periodontitis so the placement of the teeth in relationship to interproximal crestal bone levels can be reviewed.

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When exposing bitewing X-rays, the maxillary and mandibular arches should be equally imaged.

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One of the most common errors when exposing bitewing images is failing to prevent horizontal overlapping.

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Test Your Radiography Skills
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