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SurgiTel Releases New ErgoDeflection Loupes

Deflection-Loupes-with-side-shieldsSurgiTel is proud to release the next generation ErgoDeflection loupes in October 2022. The issue with currently available deflection loupes is they are too steep and will cause clinicians to work too closely to the patient or have them leaning back in a non-ergonomic posture. SurgiTel engineers have created a new patent-pending prism design to give ErgoDeflection loupes a customizable 40- to 50-degree deflection angle to match the clinician’s ideal working angle.

These loupes are offered in 3.5x and soon 4.5x magnification (with 5.5x and 6.5x to come at a later date). The pantoscopic lens tilt helps eliminate gaps between the face and bottom edges of the lenses for better eye protection and wider direct view of the working area when looking below the loupes. The rigid and lightweight titanium frames also help keep the optics precisely aligned.

ErgoDeflection loupes feature interchangeable working distance caps and are designed to provide optimal ergonomics, comfort, and safety. These new loupes also come with SurgiTel’s Ergo Fit Nose Pad system that easily conforms to a wide variety of nose shapes.

To learn more or schedule a free appointment with your local sales rep or distributor, visit or call 800-959-0153.

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