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When to refer to a periodontist

Ask the Expert ForumCategory: Periodontal TherapyWhen to refer to a periodontist
Tana Spencer asked 3 years ago

I work in a wonderful patient centered general practice. Occasionally we will see a patient who has a pocket increase or a new patient with pockets in the 7-9+mm range. I often will discuss my findings with the doctor and recommend a referral to the Periodontist. We do not have laser treatment nor do we perform gum flap surgery. Most often he will have to patient schedule SRP in our office knowing there is a high likelihood that they will still need to be referred later. What guidelines are a good go to for referring a patient to the periodontist for a localized or complete perio evaluation?  In my previous office it was anytime a pocket measured over 6mm with active periodontitis. 

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