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This Month’s Features

The Inflammation Connection

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene speaks with Robert J. Genco, DDS, PhD, about the link between inflammation, C-reactive proteins, and periodontal disease.

Advancements in Radiology

New technologies have simplified and improved the radiographic process while reducing its risks.

Update on Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic instrumentation is integral to the success of periodontal therapy but its efficacy depends on the skills of the clinician.

Oral Pathology

A complete medical, dental, and family history can provide important clues in the oral pathology diagnostic process.

Continuing Education

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Editor’s Note

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Ask the Expert

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Products and Services

Toothbrush Focus

A reference guide to the manual and power toothbrushes currently available, including handle and bristle design and unique features.

Newsline + Industry Info

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