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Coronavirus Infection May Spread Via Aerosols

As evidence has shown that asymptomatic individuals with COVID-19 can shed the virus before becoming ill, scientists are now considering that the novel coronavirus is spread via fluid particles smaller than 5 microns. This would mean that COVID-19 can be spread via breathing and talking (ie, aerosols), not just through larger respiratory droplets generated via coughing, as originally thought. If so, oral health professionals may need to use higher level protection once they return to practice. Click here to learn about the differences between surgical masks and N95 respirators from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And stay tuned for further COVID-19 updates from Dimensions that will address the mask vs respirator question.

  1. Mark says

    Tell me how on earth we as dentists will be able to reliably obtain these and I will gladly comply. Until then you will be asking your audience to essentially not work even with level 3 and face shields which are more available. There are also studies showing that this can be effective. So without a vaccine and availability of what you deem to be the only acceptable PPE in this article , maybe you should publish an article title “How to move on from a career in dentistry “

    1. Janet C. says

      Totally agree Dr! I’m a licensed RDH, in both NY & Ct. Have been out of work as the rest…
      I have ALWAYS worn a Visor since all new Protocols were put into place due to the AIDS Epidemic.
      We were looking at the onset on this outbreak for ‘anything’ helpful and it never came.
      Both CDC & ADA were lax in my opinion. One Employer took Webinar given by WHO…
      Long story short, the reply to her Dental-Related Question took longer than one might’ve expected.
      Totally unprepared it would appear. I have been asking, discussing w/other Healthcare providers (even doctors in my own family) on “How do WE as a Profession resume practice?!” What new protocols will we be facing, and are they attainable to achieve? It will HAVE TO BE! Our collective patients need our services!
      At times it appears WE are sidelined as a Profession. It’s very discouraging.

  2. Mark says

    So be more helpful and explain how we as dentists will be able to reliably obtain said PPE. In the real world we cannot. So basically even with level 3 surgical masks and face shields (which are marginally more available) you are asking your audience to not work once restrictions are lifted. So maybe you should publish articles helping on transitioning from a career in dentistry instead.

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