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Test Your Knowledge on Prophy Paste

There are many factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate polishing agent during prophylaxis. How much do you know about selecting the best prophy paste for individual patient needs?

Up Your Knowledge on Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based, patient-centered, collaborative counseling approach that focuses on strengthening a patient’s motivation for a positive change in behavior. Read on to evaluate how much you know about this…

What Do You Know About Providing Ethical Care?

Oral health professionals are charged with encouraging open communication with patients, and understanding their perception of health and disease, as influenced by traditional beliefs. Read on to see how much you know about providing…

How Much Do You Know About Vital Pulp Therapy?

An intact, functional primary dentition plays a critical role in children’s oral health. As such, preserving primary teeth with deep caries until their natural exfoliation is important. How much do you know about the role of vital pulp…

Test Your Knowledge on the Opioid Crisis

The misuse of opioids—both legal and illegal—is a significant public health problem in the US. How much do you know about the problem surrounding prescription opioids?

Test Your Knowledge on Salivary Diagnostics

The introduction of salivaomics, or salivary diagnostics, focuses on the biological molecules, or biomarkers, in saliva that may be able to detect disease. Test your knowledge about this valuable diagnostic technique.