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Encouraging the Dental Home


The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Dental Association, and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry all recommend that a child establish a dental home by what age?

Making baby's first visit to the dentist an easy one LaylaBird / E+
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An infant oral exam can easily be done knee-to-knee with the dentist/dental hygienist and a parent/caregiver with the child’s head in the oral health professional’s lap.

1 Year old's first dentist appointment. This is the proper position for a baby's dental check-up - baby's head is in dentist's lap knee-to-knee with mom who is holding on. leezsnow / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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What percentage of children younger than age 5 from low-income families have dental caries?

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If the general dentist is not comfortable or experienced in management of very young children, the child and family should be referred to a pediatric dentist for comprehensive care.

Portrait of handsome dentist teaching adorable curly boy how to brush teeth, using big tooth model SeventyFour / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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By raising oral health awareness, the prevention, early detection, and management of dental, oral, and craniofacial tissues can become integrated into general healthcare, community-based programs, and social services.

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Encouraging the Dental Home
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This information is from the article Importance of the Dental Home by Michael W. Roberts, DDS, MSc. To read the article, click here.
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