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August 2019 Product Spotlights

Keystone Industries

To make a natural-looking denture, shading and fit is important. Diamond D’s coloring system is designed to pick up colors of natural tissues and reflect natural light. Diamond D dentures offer incredible fit and function, leaving a natural-looking smile that will leave your patients feeling happy and confident.

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Marquis Dental MFG. CO

Prevent, reverse and end gum disease with the PERIO-AID. The angled design allows for easy removal of plaque from along the entire interproximal gum line and in between the teeth. The Perio-Aid is an inexpensive, effective and easy to use tool.

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Armor™ Air/Water Syringe Tip + Sleeve Combo minimizes preparation time by combining air/water syringe tip and sleeve placements into a one-step operation. It features the acclaimed disposable syringe tip design with 6 air-core design, and a non-slip sleeve made with special copolymer film that provides superior infection control.

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Introducing AeroPro™ The new standard in cordless prophy systems. AeroPro a light-weight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece that gives you the mobility you want, the choice of prophy angles you like, and the control you need. Its innovative design helps reduce hand fatigue. ChargeSMART™ Battery Technology gives you long-lasting power to get through the workday. AeroPro™ is CDC-compliant with a convenient infection prevention protocol.

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MOISYN Dry Mouth Relief is clinically proven to relieve pain, replace moisture, and is designed to restore healthy mouth functions safely and naturally. In the clinical study, 82% of dry mouth sufferers who used MOISYN experienced relief of their dry mouth symptoms, and 84% would purchase MOISYN again.

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Experience Cranberry’s fittest and lightest gloves yet! The new Inspire Nitrile gloves feature a distinct aegean blue color to minimize visible stains during use, enhanced fingertip texture for superior handing, and increased control. Our exclusive InSoft™ formulation provides increased soft comfort. 300-count Saver Pack reduces storage space and packaging waste.

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VOCO’s Profluorid Varnish. VOCO presents Profluorid Varnish, a clear 5% sodium fluoride varnish. Taking only seconds, the single dose delivery system makes application quick and easy. The material is transparent, features a high immediate fluoride release, and is perfect for treating sensitivities after scaling and root planning. Profluorid has enhanced flow characteristics, adheres well to moist surface and comes in five great flavors.

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Bamboo Prepasted Toothbrush. Every year 1 billion plastic toothbrushes enter our landfills and waterways. As dental professionals we contribute significantly to the problem. Help preserve the planet by switching to OraBrite natural’s sustainable dental products.

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