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Revolutionizing Dental Care

Profisil by Kettenbach Dental offers innovative fluoride varnish technology.

The historical development of fluoride varnish dates back to the 1960s and 1970s with the introduction of innovative formulations such as Duraphat and Fluor Protector.1 These early varnishes laid the foundation for achieving the goal of increasing fluoride’s contact time with the tooth surface, significantly enhancing its protective effects. Additionally, they supported the formation of calcium fluoride, which serves as a long-term fluoride reservoir.2

Over the years, more than 30 fluoride varnish products have been introduced, each featuring unique delivery mechanisms and formulations. A significant milestone occurred in 1994 when fluoride varnish received the United States Food and Drug Administration approval for use as both a root desensitizer and cavity liner, highlighting its growing importance in dental care.2 Traditionally, fluoride varnish has been valued for its safety profile, rapid setting characteristics, and extended contact with enamel.2

A New Standard of Care

Profisil sets a new standard in dentistry with its innovative approach to fluoride varnish formulation, prioritizing patient safety and comfort. Notably, it distinguishes itself by eliminating ethyl alcohol and colophony (rosin), ingredients commonly found in other varnishes that are known to cause discomfort and allergic reactions in some patients. The absence of ethyl alcohol in Profisil’s composition means it does not induce the bitterness, burning, or stinging sensations frequently associated with other dental varnishes.

Profisil revolutionizes dental care by using a dimethicone formulation, a silicone-based compound, as its delivery vehicle instead of traditional components, significantly enhancing the application process while aligning with the product’s commitment to minimizing potential allergenic effects. This choice provides a smooth, nonirritating vehicle for fluoride delivery without compromising efficacy, and its transparent and colorless nature ensures that the treatment remains invisible, preserving the natural appearance of teeth.

Profisil can also be applied without removing biofilm first, simplifying the procedure for dental practitioners and patients. The application process itself is smooth and easy, free from clumping, stickiness, or grittiness, and its versatility allows for application on both wet and dry tooth surfaces in any direction, accommodating a wide range of clinical situations and preferences, thereby increasing its appeal among dental professionals and patients.

Single-dose packaging ensures Profisil’s precise application, promoting uniform application and preventing any excess or waste. The brush applicator further simplifies the application process, increasing the efficiency of the treatment. It boasts excellent migratory properties, enabling it to reach inaccessible spots effectively. After 24 hours, Profisil is designed to release 28% of its fluoride content, providing significant sensitivity relief by occluding dentinal tubules with calcium fluoride crystals.

Versatility in flavor options is another Profisil benefit. It boasts three distinct flavors: mint, berry, and unflavored. This selection ensures that while patients can enjoy the refreshing taste of mint or berry, those sensitive to tastes have the option of an unflavored formula. Remarkably, with the unflavored version, patients can’t detect any taste during application, enhancing the comfort of their dental experience.

Profisil marks a significant advancement in fluoride varnish technology, addressing the limitations associated with traditional varnishes while prioritizing a patient-friendly approach. Its innovative characteristics set new benchmarks in fluoride varnish application, catering to the evolving demands and preferences of both dental professionals and their patients. With its potential to transform clinical practices, Profisil stands out as a revolutionary addition to dental care.


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