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Marketplace for June 2004

Sharpener Hu-Friedy, Chicago, announces a new instrument sharpener for scalers and curettes—Sidekick™ The Smart Sharpener™. The Sidekick is a power device with instrument guide channels and vertical backstops to help control blade angulation. The compact device is also cordless. The Sidekick kit comes with one unit, a user manual and instructional CD, ceramic sharpening stone, plastic test stick, magnifying lens, and two AA batteries. (800) HU-FRIEDY;

Water Line cleaning Unit Ultradent, South Jordan, Utah, introduces Sterilox, an on-going solution for removing biofilm in dental unit water lines (DUWL). The small Sterilox generator fits on a counter top and holds an electrochemical cell and a reservoir filled with an electrolyte solution. After one full-strength 4 to 8 hour purge of the DUWLs, the Sterilox solution is poured into the dental unit water bottle and diluted with water. The bottle is refilled with solution and water throughout the day to maintain microbe-free DUWL. (800) 552-5512;

Yellow and Green Probe American Eagle, Missoula, Mont, offers a standard marquis probe with precise 3-6-9-12 markings. The probe features green markings from the 3 mm to 6 mm and yellow from the 9 mm to 12 mm. The yellow and green colors turn florescent against blood and tissue inside the oral cavity. The yellow and green probe is available in standard 7/32” stainless steel handle as well as 3/8” EagleLite stainless steel and resin handles. (800) 551-5172;

Whitening Toothpaste GlaxoSmithKline, Jersey City, NJ, introduces the new Sensodyne® Full Protection Plus Whitening Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and cavity prevention. The toothpaste addresses tooth sensitivity while also offering tartar control and fluoride for cavity prevention. Like the other Sensodyne toothpastes, Full Protection Plus Whitening contains 5% potassium nitrate and helps build protection against sensitivity. (800) 652-5625;

End Tuft TePe, Malmo, Sweden, offers the Compact Tuft. Dome-shaped, the Compact Tuft contains 700 extra soft, short bristles. It is gentle enough to clean along gum lines, veneers, partially erupted wisdom teeth, and the occlusal surface of children’s erupting posterior teeth. The Compact Tuft is autoclavable at 121°. TePe is a Swedish company that began manufacturing oral hygiene products in 1965. (888) 644-TePe;

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