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October 2015 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.


Just Manufacturing, Franklin Park, Illinois, presents CuVerro® antimicrobial coppernickel faucet handles designed to mitigate the transmission of infection on touch surfaces in high-traffic areas. This copper-nickel product kills bacteria 24/7, including methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, S. aureus, and Escheri-chia coli. Its efficiency never washes away or wears out, even as the copper becomes naturally tarnished. (847) 678-5151;


Awestruck Dental, Telluride, Colorado, has launched The JawDropper—a simple oral device that provides added comfort for patients in the dental chair. The JawDropper works by relaxing the jaw muscles during care, allowing patients to hold their mouths open longer without the discomfort associated with traditional isolation methods. This inexpensive
device also supports fluid evacuation while improving access and efficiency for oral health professionals.(888) 400-7953;


CPAC Environmental Solutions, Leicester, New York, offers the COX Rapid Heat Model 6000—a leader in high-velocity hot air sterilization—in an all-new look. This sterilization unit doesn’t require water, steam, or chemicals, which eliminates the need for a drying cycle and also limits the corrosion, pitting, or dulling of instruments. Approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the 6-minute and 12-minute cycles can sterilize up to 150 cassette-pouched instruments. The quick turnaround time is designed to en courage thorough compliance with sterilization procedures. (800) 828-6011;


Ortek Therapeutics, Inc, Roslyn Heights, New York, offers BasicBites—sugar-free, chocolate-flavored soft chews that contain a patented blend of vital nutrients that promote salivary function, coat and protect enamel, and nourish beneficial alkali-generating bacteria. Thanks to its patented arginine bicarbonate-calcium carbonate technology, BasicBites utilize healthy bacteria to deliver immediate and sustained buffering of tooth surfaces. BasicBites are recommended for patients with dry mouth and those who consume high-sugar diets. (516) 484-4500;


Elevate Oral Care, West Palm Beach, Florida, recently introduced FluoriMax® 5000 1.1% sodium fluoride prescription toothpaste. This dentifrice, which comes in a vanilla mint flavor, delivers significant protection against demineralization. Its proprietary additive enhances fluoride performance and offers the added benefit of 10% xylitol. A small 3.4-ounce, flip-top cap tube is travel friendly. Available for direct purchase from Elevate Oral Care, FluoriMax 500 comes in a twin pack for use between biannual appointments. (877) 866-9113;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. October 2015;13(10):65.


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