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This is also jason’s summary.

Portable Oral Care Product Oral-B®, Boston, introduces Brush-Ups™—a new portable oral care product designed to keep patients’ breath fresh and their teeth clean at any time. Brush-Ups are textured teeth wipes that clean the surface of the teeth while freshening the breath with a mint flavor. They slide over a finger allowing patients to wipe the surface of their teeth, gums, and tongue without the need for water or rinsing. Brush-Ups are sugar-free and latex-free. (800) 44-ORALB;

Curing Light Coltene Whaledent, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, announces the new Coltolux®LED curing light that combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless pen-style design. The light’s heat sink technology is designed to reduce the amount of heat emission, rendering a fan unnecessary. The dome-shaped lens on the handpiece is devised to reduce the amount of light diffusion so more light can be focused on the restorative material. (800) 221-3046;

Manual Toothbrush Johnson & Johnson Oral Health, Skillman, NJ, introduces the new REACH® Advanced Gum Action Toothbrush. The soft, feathery bristles are designed to reach under the gum line. The Advanced Gum Action brush offers a curved brush head with rubber trim. (800) 224-6513;

Sealant Pulpdent Corp, Watertown, Mass, offers Embrace™ WetBond™ Pit and Fissure Sealant in off-white as well as natural. Embrace bonds chemically and microchemically to the moist tooth. No bonding agents are required and it is tooth integrating. Embrace is fluoride releasing and contains no Bis-GMA or Bis-Phenol A. The sealant is available in a 4 x 1.2 ml syringe kit with 20 applicator tips. (800) 343-4342;

Caries Indicator Vista Dental Products, Racine, Wis, announces Vista-Red™Caries Indicator in a unit dose application. The unit dose applicator, which is individually packaged, and reservoir are removed from the storage pouch, the gray microbrush applicator is inserted into the reservoir, the applicator is removed, and Vista-Red can then be applied directly onto the tooth. (877) 418-4782;

Prophy Paste Variety Packs Preventech, Matthews, NC, introduces Next® Prophy Paste Kid’s Variety Pack and Adult Variety Pack. The Kid’s Variety Pack features bubble gum, cherry, and mint. The Adult Variety Pack offers cinnamon, mint, and chocolate mint. Both packs are available in medium and coarse grit in boxes of 200-unit dose cups. The price is the same as a single flavor box of 200. (704) 849-2416;

Erratum In the prophy table that accompanied the “Protocol for Polishing” article in the June 2004 issue, the list of gifts available for Next® Prophy Paste (Preventech, Matthews, NC) should have read: Coarse, extra coarse, fine, medium. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene regrets the error.

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