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December 2021 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

ColgateToothpastes and Mouthrinse Without Artificial Ingredients

Colgate, New York, has debuted its Colgate Zero product lineup. Formulated without artificial flavors, sweeteners, or coloring, the line includes Colgate Zero peppermint toothpaste, which has a microfoaming formula that provides a deep clean and caries protection, while also strengthening enamel and freshening breath. The Colgate Zero for Kids 2–6 Years toothpaste holds the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance and has a kid-friendly natural strawberry flavor. Younger children will enjoy Colgate Zero for Kids 3–24 Months, which has a baby-friendly, natural mild fruit flavor and is safe if swallowed. The fluoride-free formula also offers a gentle cleaning action. Designed to kill 99% of oral bacteria, Colgate Zero Mouthwash Fresh Breath is alcohol-free and has a natural, cooling peppermint flavor. Finally, the Colgate Zero for Kids Manual Toothbrush is free of bisphosphonate-A and is suitable for children ages 2 and older. 800-468-6502.

3M Oral CareClear Aligners 

3M Oral Care, Saint Paul, Minnesota, has introduced Clarity Aligners Flex + Force, a new aligner system that provides two unique aligner materials in one treatment design and gives patients a customized treatment experience. The system is made of a proprietary five-layer blend of materials and offers clinicians Advanced Tx Design through the 3M Oral Care Portal, which provides treatment from simple to complex cases. 3M Clarity Aligners are also indicated for the alignment of teeth during orthodontic treatment of malocclusion and can be used to address patients with mixed dentition. The aligner material also fits well and isn’t noticeable when wearing. Clarity Aligners Flex is de­signed to offer excellent force persistence; stain and scratch resistance; easy insertion and re­moval; good engagement with attach­ments; flexibility and resili­ence; and durability while reduc­ing thickness. 800-423-4588. 

RevenueWellDental Office Phone Technology

RevenueWell, Bannockburn, Illinois, introduces RevenueWell Phone, a proprietary new voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) phone and text messaging system that allows staff members to make calls over broadband internet, rather than through a traditional phone connection. Designed for dental practices, this all-in-one communication hub integrates with the office’s practice management system to deliver coordinated voice, two-way text messaging, email, fax and video conferencing—all tied to the office’s existing phone number. Dental team members can manage the VoIP system from anywhere thanks to the mobile app. This cloud-based system integrates with RevenueWell’s Marketing Platform, Messenger, and Forms products. Additionally, the system delivers patient data via a desktop pop up when a call is received. 855-415-9355.

Burst Oral CareSonic Toothbrush for Kids

BURST Oral Care, Walnut, California, has launched the BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush. The toothbrush features a 2-minute timer that pauses every 30 seconds to indicate it is time to brush the next quadrant, and features standard or sensitive brushing modes. The small, ergonomically designed soft-touch silicone handle provides a sure grip and easier manipulation of the brush for children developing fine motor skills. Featuring a pediatric-sized brush head and soft-charcoal, tapered bristles, the BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush is suited for those with primary teeth to mixed dentition (ranging from 2-year-olds to preteens). Kids will appreciate the vibrant color choices of purple, pink, or blue.

PreventechSpiral Cup Prophy Angle

Preventech, Indian Trail, North Carolina, makes the Pivot Plus Spiral Cup DPA with deeper external edges for more efficient polishing on adjacent teeth and interproximal areas, plus improved splatter control. Pivot offers made-in-the-USA quality at a great value, now with a broader line, to fit dental hygienists’ needs without paying more. 800-474-8681.

Dentsply SironaSoftware Systems 

Dentsply Sirona, York, Pennsylvania, has announced enhancements for its Connect and CEREC software. According to company officials, these upgrades result in improved performance and even more efficient digital workflows for Primescan and CEREC Primemill. Enhancements include faster, more stable Primescan, allowing Primescan and CEREC users to access new digital workflows. Upgraded CEREC Software 5.2 features a new mode that includes a wider range of lower jaw movement in the calculations. 844-848-0137.

Steri-ShieldMultipurpose Disposable Bitewings

Steri-Shield, Fernandina Beach, Florida, makes Wingers I.B. (integrated barrier), a disposable bitewing device that features three products in one. The cost-effective Wingers I.B. provides a sensor holder already inside a comfort-padded, seamless infection control barrier. This reduces the clinical setup needed to obtain radiographic imaging from approximately 60 seconds to 5 seconds. Steri-Shield notes the elastic barrier eliminates microholes that may occur in the heat-sealed seams of plastic film sensor barriers. Winger I.B. fits all size 2 sensor holders, and each bag of 60 pieces includes a sterilizable aimer ring and bar. 800-699-7220.

CrestStannous Fluoride Toothpastes

P&G Crest + Oral B, Cincinnati, offers stannous fluoride dentifrices to improve gingival health. Crest Gum Detoxify and Crest Gum and Sensitivity are designed to penetrate deep into the biofilm to neutralize gingivitis-causing bacteria, as well as remain active up to 4 mm below the gumline. 800-566-7252.

PhilipsAt-Home Whitening Treatment

Philips, Stamford, Connecticut, now offers Philips Zoom delivered. The latest in take-home whitening, Philips Zoom delivered provides a simple and effective way to whiten patients’ teeth at home with professionally supervised treatment. The product uses an easy, three-step proces:

  1. Clinician captures a patient’s intraoral scan in the dental office
  2. Scan is sent to a Philips-affiliated lab
  3. Lab technician creates a custom-made tray and ships the tray and Philips Zoom take-home whitening solution directly to the patient

Philips Zoom Whitening’s Power of Three formulation is designed to protect enamel, reduce sensitivity, and help improve tooth luster through a mix of amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate, and sodium fluoride. 800-422-9448.

PremierProphylaxis Handpiece

AeroPro by Premier, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, is a lightweight, ergonomic, cordless and pedal-less handpiece. The AeroPro prophylaxis handpiece is designed to help reduce hand fatigue by allowing clinicians to rotate the prophy angle a full 360° for improved intraoral access and comfort. Offering long-lasting power thanks to ChargeSMART battery technology, this device helps protect patients and providers from cross-contamination when used with custom-fit disposable polyurethane barriers that slide easily over the motor component. 888-670-6100.

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. December 2021;19(12)44-45.

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