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Up Your Sealant Knowledge

Sealant application is one of the most effective strategies for preventing tooth decay. See how much you know about this important member of the caries prevention armamentarium.


Today, occlusal caries rates are higher than smooth surface caries rates among children and adolescents

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Modern pit and fissure sealants are typically resin-based cements or glass-ionomer cements.

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While sealant usage has grown, many high-risk children do not have access to this valuable caries prevention tool.

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Which describes most resin-based sealants?

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Due to high retention rates, glass ionomer sealants are most often used as interim sealants.

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Retention of dental sealants is key to their effectiveness in caries prevention and is often impacted by clinician skill and technique.

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If a liquid etchant is used during sealant placement, the etchant must be continuously rubbed, not dabbed, onto the tooth surface

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Up Your Sealant Knowledge
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