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Up Your Knowledge on the Dental Endoscope

Clinicians are using the dental endoscope to assist with the removal of subgingival calculus, and with good reason. The subgingival viewing system is effective in both dental hygiene and periodontal treatment. Read on to test your knowledge on this technology.


The dental endoscope provides clinicians with consistent water flow, real-time viewing of the pocket area, and magnification.

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In which of the following areas has residual calculus been detected while using tactile methods on root surfaces after subgingival instrumentation?

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Complete removal of subgingival calculus has little effect on the long-term treatment of chronic periodontitis.

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In Pattison’s “view, instrument, view” technique, the camera is removed from the pocket and the scaling instrument is inserted.

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Adjunctive use of the endoscope during root scaling and root planing has demonstrated positive results when compared with blind scaling and root planing.

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The removal of subgingival calculus is an ongoing problem in dentistry.

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In order to achieve successful treatment outcomes with a dental endoscope, clinicians require little to no training.

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Up Your Knowledge on the Dental Endoscope
Congrats! You understand the ins and outs of the dental endoscope. Get out there and put your know-how to good use!
Well done!
Well done! You have the basics, but there’s more to learn. Continue to study the latest on dental endoscope technology. You’ve got this!
Not bad!
Not bad, but there’s room to grow when it comes to understanding how dental hygienists can incorporate dental endoscope technology into nonsurgical periodontal therapy. Consider reading more about perioscopy and the dental endoscope. Good luck!

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