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SmileConnect and America’s Toothfairy Announce Collaboration

SmileConnect and America’s ToothFairy Announce Collaboration  (Charlotte, NC – December 12, 2017) – Building on a shared vision to improve children’s oral health, a new partnership between SmileConnect Community and America’s ToothFairy National Children’s Oral Health Foundation will expand community

(Charlotte, NC – December 12, 2017) – Building on a shared vision to improve children’s oral health, a new partnership between SmileConnect Community and America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation will expand community access to oral health resources. 

SmileConnect was created in 2016 by Altarum, a nonprofit health systems research and consulting organization, to connect those in need of oral health resources and services with those who provide them. Leveraging philanthropic donations of dental supplies and the existing skilled workforce, SmileConnect helps address the widespread need for oral health education and prevention. 

Seeking to extend its resources to a larger network, SmileConnect approached America’s ToothFairy to explore opportunities for collaboration. Because America’s ToothFairy has developed an extensive network of nonprofit clinics, community organizations and volunteers committed to improving oral health in their communities, both organizations recognized a strong opportunity to pool resources and increase delivery of services. 

Resources available through SmileConnect include teacher curriculum, take home dental kits, live classroom presentations provided by dental students and professionals, screening and preventive service offerings, and educational handouts and materials for children and families. America’s ToothFairy is making its own resources, including the popular ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit, available through SmileConnect® and will help to connect its network of educators, community organizations, nonprofit clinical staff, and dental providers to for additional resources. 

“This is an exciting partnership that complements the strengths of both organizations,” said Allison Bohlen, SmileConnect Community Lead. “SmileConnect is already active in 30 states, with 34 dental and dental hygiene schools registered, and has impacted more than 34,000 children to date. With our new partnership with America’s ToothFairy, SmileConnect will be able to increase our nationwide expansion tremendously over the next year – ensuring more children in community settings receive the oral health services, education, and resources needed for a healthy smile.” 

“As a result of this partnership, America’s ToothFairy will further expand its ability to equip community oral health advocates with quality educational resources,” said Jill Malmgren, Executive Director of America’s ToothFairy. “Through this collaboration, we are maximizing our collective resources and ensuring more children have access to the basic education and tools they need for healthy smiles.” 

Anyone that works with young children can post a request for oral health resources, educational materials, or preventive services. To submit a request through SmileConnect, users must first create an account at, then click the “Create a Request” button.

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