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Remi Offers Custom, Dental-Grade Night Guards and Custom At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Ever since the pandemic hit, dentists have seen an increase in cracked teeth from patients suffering from Bruxism — otherwise known as teeth grinding. An article from the New York Times says increased stress, reduced sleep and poor posture from working at home could all be contributing factors.

Up to 40 million Americans currently suffer from bruxism — that’s 10 percent of the US population — and the side effects can be damaging: grinding your teeth down to stubs, changing your facial structure, getting chronic headaches, and hearing loss are just a few of the damaging side effects.

That’s why a new sleep and wellness company called Remi is helping Americans invest in better sleep and better smiles at a time of high stress: Remi offers custom, dental-grade night guards for 80% less than a dentist, as well as sensitive-safe teeth whitening kits, all delivered directly to your door.

Remi was founded by two friends who struggled with teeth grinding themselves and were frustrated by the lack of affordable options when looking for a night guard. So, they set out to create a better system for taking care of your sleep and smile based on three important factors: affordability, convenience, and comfort.

Remi is affordable.

Remi night guards are available for one-time purchase on Amazon for just $89.00, or as a subscription for just $150 per year, receiving a new night guard every 6 months.

Remi’s teeth whitening kit is also available on a subscription basis for just $125, with new whitening gel delivered to your door every 3 months for just $25.

Remi is convenient — especially during a pandemic.

Remi’s do-it-yourself impression kit makes it easy to take an impression in less than 10 minutes, and everything happens from the comfort of your home. It also includes two sets of everything in case you need a redo. Once you finish taking your impressions, simply send them back to Remi in a prepaid return box. Soon the finished product — a custom top and bottom night guard or teeth whitening kit — will be delivered to your door.

Remi is comfortable.

The problem with most night guards and teeth whitening kits outside a dental office — like the cheap “boil and bite” guards or the sticky whitening strips you can get from a local pharmacy — is that they are extremely clunky and uncomfortable. Remi night guards are so comfortable you’ll never want to sleep without one, and their teeth whitening kits take care of brightening your smile overnight too!

Teeth grinders across the country have chosen Remi for several reasons.

Jessica M., a Remi customer from San Francisco, said, “Remi has been a game changer for me. I used to sleep so poorly because I was afraid I’d chip my teeth at night. Over-the-counter guards were too thick to wear at night and I couldn’t afford the $600 guard my dentist recommended. My friend suggested Remi and it’s been great. I can finally sleep deeply.”

Customer Jessica H. also said, “I’ve done Crest White strips but never felt like I quite got the results I wanted. I was about to cough up hundreds of dollars to get my teeth whitened at the dentist, but now that I have Remi I won’t need to! So happy about this product and the process was so easy.”

Remi offers a 30-day guarantee on its products, along with excellent customer service. For more information, visit

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