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May 2016 Online Product Spotlight

  Product Spotlights  May 2016 Colgate    Introducing the NEW Colgate® Professional Mobile Website—Dental Professionals can find information they can share with patients about dental conditions, treatments, home care, and Colgate products. There are also links to CE courses, product


Product Spotlights 

May 2016




Introducing the NEW Colgate® Professional Mobile Website—Dental Professionals can find information they can share with patients about dental conditions, treatments, home care, and Colgate products. There are also links to CE courses, product information that includes mode of action, ingredients and proof of efficacy. 

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Crosstex further expanded its infection prevention and compliance portfolio with the acquisition of the Sterilex® Liquid Ultra product from Sterilex Corporation. The product was specifically developed to penetrate and remove biofilms from dental unit waterlines, to kill biofilm bacteria and to disinfect the interior surfaces. Sterilex® Liquid Ultra is the first and only product to be granted the following claims by the US EPA: removes biofilm from dental unit waterlines; prevents and suppresses formation of biofilm in dental unit waterlines, kills biofilm bacteria and maintains dental unit waterline effluent water at less than 500 CFU/mL. 

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NUPRO® revolv® slim disposable prophy angles are designed with a compact prophy angle head that is 25% shorter than standard DPAs and a slim neck design that is 38% more slender than standard DPAs, providing improved visibility, access and maneuverability for a more comfortable experience during polishing procedures. The unique spiral cup on the both the straight (90°) and contra DPA is designed to reduce splatter and improve interproximal cleaning. The soft cup adapts easily to the contours of the tooth and is available on the straight DPA. NUPRO Freedom® slim Disposable Prophy Angles are designed to work exclusively with the Midwest® RDH Freedom® Cordless Prophy System. 

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Dr. Harold Katz  


Dry mouth isn’t just uncomfortable. It is bad for your health. Saliva is there to help defend your mouth and your body against germs.

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges are formulated with a natural salivary stimulant to help your body produce more healthy saliva. Sweetened with Xylitol and fortified with Zinc Glyconate, these lozenges are also great for helping to maintain healthy teeth and keeping breath fresh.  

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Introducing Hu-Friedy’s EverEdge® 2.0 Scalers/ Curettes

EverEdge scalers are sharp…EverEdge 2.0 scalers are even sharper. Using an enhanced finishing process, Hu-Friedy’s professional artisans are creating edges that are scientifically measured to be over 72% sharper than the next closest competitor. Less force means easier, more comfortable scaling for the clinician and patient.

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Keystone Industries 


Gelato Prophy Paste provides smooth, pliable and splatter-free application. The 1.23% fluoride ion paste, 4-time winner of The Dental Advisor’s Top Prophy Paste (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), is perfect for high-luster polishing and stain removal, but it remains gentle enough on the enamel with minimal enamel loss. 

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Bite-Chek’s easy-grip handle takes the mess out of articulation. No forceps needed. Place in every operatory for the convenient way to check the bite. To get a handle on articulation, click for this special offer of 20% off. (Expires 6/30/2016). 

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Palmero Health Care 


Palmero Health Care (PHC) isn’t satisfied simply keeping patients safe during x-rays; PHC wants patients to be happy and calm. That is why PHC makes their aprons by hand in a ray of cheerful, calming colors and styles. PHC’s patented Cling-Shield™ X-Ray Aprons use medical-grade, texture, vinyl backing that clings in place ensuring coverage by preventing slippage. The aprons are handcrafted in Stratford, CT and are FDA-approved and CE-registered. Our aprons are strong and durable, yet also flexible and comfortable for daily use. PHC offers several styles: Cling Shield™ Adult and Petite/Child Protectall Apron, Adult and Petite/ Child Patient Apron, Lap Apron, Adult and Petite/Child Pano-Dual Aprons, Pano 3/4 Deluxe Dual Apron, Pano-Cape Apron, Adult and Child Neck Collars, Technician, and Coat Aprons. The aprons come in vinyl and nylon, imprinted and customized. PHC also offers apron hangers to keep your aprons from getting damaged by improper storage.

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Philips Oral Healthcare 


The new Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected reveals your patients’ brushing habits and helps coach them to no longer miss spots, avoid scrubbing and focus on trouble areas. Smart Sensor Technology tracks how they brush and sends data to the Sonicare app, which provides real-time feedback and personalized coaching.

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Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel treats sensitivity and soothes and moisturizes dry mouth tissues. Additionally, Enamelon helps to prevent caries and gingivitis. Contains no SLS, gluten or dyes and safe for patients of all ages.*

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*Dose based on age.  



Choose the easier back-of-the-glove technique to apply clear formula VellaMini 5% sodium fluoride varnish! New VellaMini features NuFluor, a patented combination chemistry containing calcium, phosphate and fluoride. Plus it contains xylitol and is Gluten and n-Hexane Free. Available in new caramel, spearmint, bubble gum, melon and strawberry.

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Procter & Gamble 


Crest® PRO HEALTH® [HD]™ delivers gum benefits comparable to chlorhexidine,* with the advantage of noticeable whitening.†‡ It’s a 2 step toothpaste and gel system that provides an exhilarating clean for patients of all types and rapid gum health improvement* for patients with gingivitis. Learn how to transform your patients’ brushing routine today! 

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*Via Step 1 stannous fluoride antibacterial toothpaste.

†Induced gingivitis model assessing gum health and tooth color by digital imaging.

‡At 3 weeks of treatment.  

RJC Products  


Left unmanaged, your saliva evacuation system will allow fluids in the vacuum line to flow backward towards your patient’s mouth, creating a serious cross contamination risk. Based on the clinical studies, up to 20% of your patients may get contaminated material back into their mouth. Safe-FloTM saliva ejector products prevent backflow.

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Aurelia Gloves, a division of Supermax Healthcare Inc introduces its Sonic®Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves. This innovative examination glove is made from the company’s

customized formulation, which adapts seamlessly to natural hand movement. Sonic Nitrile Gloves feature a soothing indigo blue color and are

packaged in Aurelia’s eco-packed 300-count box. Available in five sizes, the

gloves can be purchased via most major dental distributors..

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VOCO America 


Remin Pro is a dental paste that offers the power of triple protection through the combination of hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphate), fluoride and xylitol. Together they protect against demineralization and erosion, restore the mineral balance, strengthen the tooth, prevent sensitivity and offer the patient a great taste and feel.

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Palmero Health Care 


DisCide® Ultra is a one-step, hospital-level disinfectant that can kill deadly pathogens in one minute or less. That’s the kind of protection your patients and staff demand. Compare kill times and discover that DisCide® Ultra kills 99.99% harmful germs and over 21 microorganisms in one minute or less.

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