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March 2017 Product Spotlights

  Product Spotlights  January 2017   Anutra Medical    The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is a revolutionary way to simply buffer local anesthetics. With buffering, practitioners can be more productive, efficient, and profitable while providing a more comfortable experience.


Product Spotlights 

March 2017


Anutra Medical 


The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is a revolutionary way to simply buffer local anesthetics. With buffering, practitioners can be more productive, efficient, and profitable while providing a more comfortable experience. Imagine anesthetizing your patient and going to work in just 2 minutes. One of the most innovative components of the system is the Anutra Feedback Aspiration Syringe. The extraordinary syringe allows for multiple doses in a single syringe. For more information, call (844) ANUTRA-1. 

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Cetylite Industries 


Cetacaine® Needle-Free Topical Anesthetic 14% Benzocaine, 2% Butamben, 2% Tetracaine HCl—Prescription-strength Cetacaine offers a rapid, 30 second onset with a long lasting duration of up to 60 minutes when used as directed. It is indicated for use on all accessible mucosa, except the eyes. For dental procedures, such as SRP, Cetacaine Liquid can be comfortably dispensed into periodontal pockets with the pliable latex free syringe tips. The special, Luer-lock cap reduces waste by dispensing only the amount needed. Also available in Spray and gel forms.  

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The Gum Health Physical is a new interactive digital tool you can use to evaluate your patients’ gum health in-office, as well as help them remember treatment recommendations at home. After a quick evaluation, you can print or email a personalized report your patients can take with them. This innovative tool has the potential to change patient behavior and improve their overall gum health. 

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Cranberry USA 


Cranberry Crave Nitrile Exam Gloves

Cranberry, a brand synonymous with reliability and innovation, introduces Cranberry Crave Nitrile, featuring skin revitalizing lanolin & vitamin E coating to relieve dry rough skin. SmartFeel formulation for perfect balance of tactile sensitivity, softness, and grip. Crave is available with 200 gloves per box to help reduce packaging waste and storage space.

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Crosstex®, a leader in Infection Prevention, Offers Powerful Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) Treatments

Left unmanaged, water passing through narrow DUWLs can harbor dangerous bacteria. Installation of one non-toxic, non-corrosive DentaPure® cartridge provides safe, compliant water for 365 days. Reduce your waterline treatment protocol to a simple annual routine  

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Dentsply Sirona 


Dentsply Sirona announces the launch of the new Resurge® Ultrasonic Cleaner family — available in two sizes, 0.8 gallon and 2.0 gallon, these units provide dental practices the optimum capacity and flexibility in cleaning dental instruments. Combined with the Resurge® Instrument Cleaning Solution, the new ultrasonic cleaners offer superior cleaning and ease of use.

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Flow Dental 


New All Bite lets you take bitewings with any size sensor! Just flip the bite block to go from a horizontal to a vertical bitewing! And you can do this at chairside with no additional parts! Quick, easy, affordable! Works with all size sensors!  

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Keystone Industries 


Gelato Prophy Paste provides smooth, pliable and splatter-free application. The 1.23% fluoride ion Gelato paste, 5-time winner of The Dental Advisor’s Top Prophy Paste (2013 through 2017), is perfect for high-luster polishing and stain removal, but it remains gentle enough on the enamel with minimal enamel loss. 

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XyliMelts®for dry mouth is an all-natural, great tasting, oral adhering disc that slowly releases 550mg of xylitol and oral lubricant to relieve dry mouth day and night even while sleeping. For patient samples and dental product pricing call, 877-672-6541.


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Procter & Gamble 


NEW FORMULA! Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Clean Mint. Now, the brushing experience is better than ever. Help patients restore gum health & protect enamel with a brushing experience they’ll love. Smooth, gentle & foaming, and invigorating clean. Protects enamel from the effects of acid erosion*

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*Acid erosion effects: Acids in everyday food can soften and thin enamel, leaving teeth less white, weaker and sensitive. 

Palmero Health Care 


DisCide® Ultra is a one-step, hospital-level disinfectant that can kill deadly pathogens in one minute or less. That’s the kind of protection your patients and staff demand. Compare kill times and discover that DisCide Ultra kills 99.99% harmful germs and over 21 microorganisms in one minute or less.

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Introducing the NEW TurboVUE™ illuminated magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler from Parkell, Inc. This uniquely engineered device provides excellent visability when scaling all areas of the oral cavity. The TurboVue features a patented light source built into the handpiece allowing a significant amount of light to emit through the 30K, light – transmitting ultrasonic inserts. Each insert features a durable, autoclavable glass sleeve to transmit the light from the handpiece to the operating field.

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Premier Dental Products 


Our pre-market survey indicates the 2 new flavors should be a hit! ChocHazelnut is “Nutella-Like” according to many hygienists and Mixed Berry is pleasant and refreshing.

Scientific data supports that Enamel Pro actually gives greater luster for whiter, brighter teeth. Patients and dental professionals will appreciate the pleasant aroma, flavors and taste of Enamel Pro, as it removes stains and polishes quickly without splatter.

Available March 1st!


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Whether you prefer the palette, or love the glove, Vella has you covered. Chose either the sturdy Vella Stick, or switch to the popular back-of-the-glove technique, with our new Vellamini. Either way, your patients enjoy the improved esthetics, a better mouth feel and a choice of 5 great tasting flavors along with the extra protection they need with NuFuor, our patented fluoride and calcium phosphate chemistry.

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