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March 2015 Product Spotlights



Product Spotlights 

March 2015





Colgate – Colgate® Enamel Health™ transforms enamel from rough and weakened to smooth and strong. Replenishes natural calcium and phosphate back into weakened enamel to fill in rough spots. Gently polishes the tooth surface so it’s smoother and bacteria are less likely to stick. 



Crosstex – The adage, “what you can’t see, won’t hurt you” can have disastrous consequences related to infection prevention.

Selecting the appropriate face mask is a key component to minimize the spread of potentially infectious diseases. Fit, filtration, materials, construction are all factors when considering personal protective equipment and this course provides a comprehensive overview of each. In addition, the appropriate barrier level of mask must be selected based on the anticipated level of risk during a given procedure. ASTMF2100-11 Performance Ratings will be outlined followed by demonstrative videos regarding fit for maximum safety.





DENTSPLY Professional – NUPRO® White Varnish features a unique formulation with rapid fluoride release for hypersensitivity relief. It may be applied to a wet tooth and is formulated to minimize clumping, with no dripping or stringing. NUPRO White Varnish spreads easily on teeth to leave a uniform layer and sets to a clear finish. Try our two new flavors: Mint and Bubblegum!



DENTSPLY Professional – DENTSPLY Professional is excited to introduce Cavitron® FITGRIP™ Ultrasonic Inserts. Ergonomically designed with clinician’s fingers in mind, the hygienist’s grip naturally conforms to the insert’s unique one piece design. FITGRIP™ will be available in 9 of our most popular 30K Cavitron® insert tip shapes, Focused Spray® slimLINE®, PowerLINE™, and THINsert®.




DENTSPLY Rinn – If your practice prefers hassle-free radiographic imaging, the disposable Uni-Grip 360 sensor holder from DENTSPLY Rinn is the solution. The Universal easy rotating tab makes your full mouth series go faster , and it can be used solo or together with our autoclavable XCP-ORA® and XCP® arms and rings for extra positioning accuracy.



Hu-Friedy – The AIR-FLOW® Handy 3.0 PERIO from Hu-Friedy is for the clinician who wants a portable device that attaches to high speed handpiece tubing, and wants to remove subgingival biofilm up to 5 mm deep. The AIR-FLOW® Handy 3.0 PERIO is compatible with Hu-Friedy AIR-FLOW® PERIO powder which is gentle on the tooth surface, making the air polishing experience more comfortable for the patient during supragingival procedures as well.





Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products – LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE Anticavity Mouthwash is an anticavity mouthwash designed to help protect teeth against cavities beyond brushing alone. LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE Anticavity Mouthwash provides up to 7x more fluoride uptake vs. Act®*† and makes teeth 50% stronger than with fluoride toothpaste alone*‡.


*Data on file, McNEIL-PPC, Inc. 2015 † Compared to Act® Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Rinse, Act® Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Rinse-Alcohol Free, Act® Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, Act® RestoringTM Anticavity Mouthwash, and Act® Anticavity Kids Fluoride Rinse in a laboratory study. ‡Compared to Crest® fluoride toothpaste and rinsing with water in a laboratory study.



Kerr TotalCare – Kerr TotalCare has announced its new offerings from the popular PerfectPearl line. In addition to the exceptional interproximal access provided by the contra angle, the lip of the latex-free cup delivers a nice flare for optimal subgingival cleaning. The spiral grooves on the inside of the patented cup design holds the prophy paste and pushes it towards the tooth as the prophy angle rotates, reducing splatter. The comprehensive line of 12 additional new SKUs now includes disposable prophy angles in a sleek Midnight Series and an updated Classic Series, as well as a new brush.





Palmero – Palmero Presents Wrap-Around Laser Eyewear:

• Polycarbonate filter lens

• Optical Density >5+

• From 800 to 980nm

• Visible light transmission up to 68%

• Meets ANSI Z87-1 AND Z136.1 Standard for laser protection

• Wrap around design ensures that your eyes are protected. Comes with case and lanyard.

For more information contact Palmero Health Care at 800-344-6424



Preventech – Hygienists’ choose Next because it offers a non-splatter, smooth handling formula combined with flash rinsing and excellent stain removal characteristics. Sweetened with xylitol and gluten-free, Next is available in a variety of patient pleasing flavors and appropriate grits. And Next costs less than the leading brand. Click the button below for free samples.





Pro2 Solutions – The Naturals Face Masks — inspired by nature, are made with up to 60% eco-friendly cellulose material layers. They offer 15% more breathing volume with its exclusive Quad-Fold™ design. The Naturals Face Masks offers ASTM level 2 standard protection and are designed with lint-free, fiberglass-free, and dye-free inner layers.



Procter & Gamble – Introducing breakthrough technology that’s uniquely designed to deliver immediate sensitivity relief right where patients need it. Extended contact locks in long-lasting protection.* Just 1 strip, applied for 10 minutes, can give patients up to 1 month of protection* against dentinal sensitivity.




Sunstar Americas – The revolutionary Butler® Prophyciency™ Prophy Angle with ButlerBloom™ Contouring Cup features built-in polishing and stain removing agents so no prophy paste is required. This results in superior stain removal compared to using the leading brands of prophy cup and coarse prophy paste. 


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