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DH Cubed Announces General Availability of One Ten Sharpening System

DH Cubed announces the general availability of the revolutionary new One Ten Sharpening System for Dental Hygienists.

DH Cubed announces the general availability of the revolutionary new One Ten Sharpening System for Dental Hygienists. With the One Ten Sharpening System hygienist receive online training in the theory and practice of sharpening along with The One Ten, a device that gives instant feedback during sharpening, so instruments are quickly sharpened correctly. The One Ten Sharpening System is used by dental hygiene schools and re-trains practicing hygienist as well. No other sharpening devices provide the training and feedback necessary to ensure instruments are sharpened properly all day, every day.

Ninety-four-percent of dental hygienist claim hand and wrist pain on a daily basis of which the number one contributor is dull instruments. Dull instruments require hygienist to apply too much pressure or maintain an unnatural hand and wrist position, both reasons for extreme pain after a full day of appointments. In addition to reducing pain, when the instruments are sharp, the patient experience is improved as well.

“The OneTen Sharpening System is designed to allow hygienists to sharpen their instruments with precision, which in turn perfects their clinical skills and prevents pain and injury. Too many hygienists leave our profession too early. DHCubed intends to change that statistic by reaching dental hygiene students and practicing hygienists. If we can reach them early our goal is for hygienists to enjoy their careers longer,” says Deborah McGlynn, RDH, BS, co-founder and chief education officer.

Almost all hygienists across the US are trained to sharpen their instruments the same way. The OneTen and all DH Cubed online training modules follow the same regimen taught to every hygienist. When attached to a dental sharpening stone, the OneTen will light up when at the proper angle. All you need to do is keep the OneTen’s lights on and you will get the sharpest instruments every time. Online training will be available for Universal Currettes, Sickles, Gracey Currettes as well as how to sharpen the Toe and Re-contour Instruments. All DH Cubed training modules can be used to fulfill Continuing Education requirements.

The OneTen Sharpening system comes with all the accessories needed to immediately start using it and can be purchased at today.

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