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August 2020 Product Spotlight



ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials Fluoride Toothpaste combines 100% Natural Baking Soda and the most necessary, clinically proven ingredients. The Baking Soda helps to effectively remove plaque and keeps it gentle enough for everyday brushing. The fluoride and naturally sourced calcium help patients achieve and sustain strong, healthy teeth.

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The ADA recommends a pre-treatment patient rinse with at least 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. EverSmile has developed a 30-second rinse called PreOp, which cleans, disinfects, and debrides the oral cavity, leaving the area ready for examination and treatment. This 3.8% hydrogen peroxide formula is enhanced with surfactants and either mint or bubblegum flavor.





The future of dental safety is here! The OCTOdent extraoral aerosol scavenger is designed specifically to remove and filter viruses, bacteria, and potentially toxic vapors away from the immediate area of the hygentist, assistant, and patient. It captures harmful aerosols at the source and cleans the air with a six stage filtration system while performing ultrasonic scaling, high-speed drilling, and other procedures where an oral aerosol vacuum system is recommended or required. The OCTOdent unit is a mobile, standalone, hands-free air cleaning device with a flexible source suction duct. The unit is extremely portable and quiet while in use. Our system offers immediate chair-side defense providing a safe, worry-free environment for your dental office so you, your team, and your patients can breathe easy.



Quality Aspirator

Quality Aspirators

93% Aerosol Reduction – Captured at the Source! SafetySuction brings high-volume evacuation right to the tip of aerosol producing ultrasonic scalers, capturing potentially infected aerosols as they are formed. Aerosols and liquids safely evacuate down the standard high-vac suction line. Available to fit many types of ultrasonics, SafetySuction’s removable handle is completely autoclavable, supporting long term infection control. This non-invasive solution prioritizes both patient comfort and operatory protection from contamination.

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The BURST Sonic Toothbrush is clinically proven to remove up to 10X more plaque and reduce gum bleeding (gingivitis) up to 3x more than a manual toothbrush. Join over 25,000 dental professionals for FREE in recommending what they think is the very best oral care to their patients.

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