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Product Profile: TrollByte Rayzor™ Sensor Holder for DEXIS by TrollDental 

New concept simplifies digital radiography

New Concept Simplifies Digital Radiography

TrollDentalTrollByte Rayzor™ Sensor Holder for DEXIS by TrollDental

Digital imaging need not be complicated. In fact, the TrollByte Rayzor sensor holder—made exclusively by TrollDental to fit DEXIS sensors—is designed to simplify this process while improving efficiency, accuracy, and patient experience. TrollByte Rayzor’s unique design saves valuable chairside time by enabling clinicians to take both bitewings and periapicals without removing the holder from the sensor. This patented design can be used with an arm or a tab.


The TrollByte Rayzor is simple to use and fits like a glove. Clinicians simply snap it onto the DEXIS sensor and then cover the fixed pieces with a TrollBag for TrollByte Rayzor, which protects both the holder and sensor. The TrollBag should be replaced and the sensor holder disinfected between patients; autoclave as needed. Once the TrollBag for TrollByte Rayzor has been placed, the arm or tab is selected as the aiming device and inserted into the slot for desired imaging. The disposable arm and tab are available for single purchase and in economical value packs. The TrollByte Rayzor arm comes with an autoclavable, color-coded aiming ring.


  • Thin holder offers five fixed positions; clinicians will always use the full area of the sensor
  • Move the aiming device (arm or tab) to the desired position on the holder
  • Snaps on the DEXIS sensor and stays in place, even when patients bite down
  • No need to remove holder from the sensor between patients
  • Simple, fast, and efficient, as it has no components to assemble—just insert arm or tab andbegin process of digital imaging


Family-owned TrollDental is headquartered in Trollhattan, Sweden, and has offices worldwide. TrollDental USA is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Committed to oral health professionals and the patients they serve, TrollDental believes that providing intelligent, quality tools enables clinicians to more effectively diagnose and treat patients. The company remains dedicated to developing tools that ensure the success of clinicians and the health of their patients while embracing processes that save both time and money.

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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. July 2015;13(7):57.


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